Hacker alert, please of check this guy

Hello everyone,

I hope PG sees this because I know of no way to report a player. A guy named odinsfire on team steelknights seems to be an obvious hacker. He has 70 mil medals, is lvl 396, and is in plat 4. The obvious part is he already has 4 harbinger dragons. That seems to be impossible unless he spent like 50,000 dollars in the past few weeks since release. But would someone spend that much and not be competitive at all, sitting in plat 4 killing lvl 100 players?

PLEASE OF review this account!

Thank you

None of those numbers sound like obvious hacking to me.

I am not there. If you honestly believe someone is cheating, you should submit a ticket.

But, based on the information you have provided, I don’t think it likely he is cheating.


I have no idea how to do that. We have people on our team with 50 mil medals struggling to get Garnett, can you get 4 brand new expensive as hell dragons, at 250 egg tokens a day in 3 weeks? Like I said ,maybe he spent a ton of money, I’m sure pg can check that, and then more power to him. Sorry if this was the wrong place to vent lol

You must be new here. If he has a 398 base, he definitely spent money to get there. People already have all 5 harbs released. Legitimately. People already have level 60 ice flaks, which is $1000 investment. As savage said, the numbers you’re putting up is not unreasonable.

All of that is possible!
Shouldn’t call someone out just because of the dragons that have!
If they have dragons at a specifc level and it’s not possible that’s something else but this is all
Something that can happen and lots of people have Harbinger dragons…

If you think it submit a ticket not blast him on the forums especially someone who probably isn’t even cheating

My first team in this game had a lvl 250 in gold, I check back with them once in a while still, he is now around 350 and still gold. You’d be surprise how many ppl prefer to play with players they like rather then to be competitive in higher leagues.

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His level suggests he spends good money. And if he already had the Osbedian dragons then he very well could have had 100s of thousands tokens stocked up.
Realistically he obviously spent some money but in this case he also could have not even spent big money and had stuff prepped and ready for the upcoming dragons…It’s all very possible and highly doubtful he’s a cheater.

Fair enough, maybe I’m just different. I have spent over a thousand and am in saphire. I can imagine how much money it would cost to get those 4 dragons in 3 weeks with 250 a day. And to only steamroll every player, what’s the point. Maybe I’m wrong, and I didn’t know how to submit a ticket for this.

Click this quote for instructions:

Thank you very much Lutrus.

Why are you stuck on the whole 3 weeks thing?

It’s not like he has started his base at that time frame, he probably had a TON of tokens saved up at that level and pay scale. Many players on our team have harbinger dragons, even the mythic and it’s not because of the 1000 tokens we get per day. It’s because they were sitting on 400k+ tokens when the tier was released and then they spent money on more tokens recently

Sounds good, but I still have to ask, if legit, why would a human want to get that high to kill lvl 100 bases? There’s no need to spend money, Garnett in plat 4 is god mode, lol…

Some people like to be a big fish in a small pond. It can be due to the nature of their play style, or their skill level, or the fact that higher leagues require more time commitment and they don’t want to play there (anymore)

Yeah sometimes…

Every now and then you’ll see that one guy that’s way above everyone’s level in that specific league and he likes it that way. Most of the time they are the loudest one in LC too. They would never dream about being thrown in with equals…They would just be another member? :grimacing: I tend to think that comes from not getting the attention they desperately needed as a child so now they seek it in other places…But who knows? :joy:

But Some just enjoy their team & teammates and would never leave either :+1:

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You’re assuming he started with zero tokens which is extremely unlikely since obsidians were out months ago. He likely had close to a million tokens waiting to be used. He may not even be a spender just a long term player.

And FYI, before PG released harbinger tier, lots of big players had sat on 500k+ tokens for months so having all 4 new dragons in a breeding is possible

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Lol…or they find the players in higher leagues to be asses…and prefer a slower pace.

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Very true :wink:

this is not hacking based on the info you have provided…

70 mill medals is a a lot. and the platinum team means nothing. people have way less medals and have higher bases than him with max tier dragons. im sure he just paid PG $$ a lot.

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