Hackers Back Already?

I see MonsterDessert is back an filled with shady players again im sure will be 400s next month. But looking at the leaderboard those top 3 mainly the top 2 at 99.9 i remember tetsu seeming off but being 2nd place seems a hacker for sure with the long confusing name so that you can report huge lvl on his own team setup for xp I’m sure is one as well support is doing nothing about it and figured I would bring it here to shed some light it looks like hackers are leaking back into the game again

Tetsu isn’t a hacker. He’s legitimately a whale.
Furthermore, if you think someone is a hacker, make a ticket, not a forum post. Nothing good comes from a witch hunt.



He is talking about global rank 2

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99.9 for even a 533 whale at 16 mil medals even seems insane. Must be over 10k for this event alone
The other guy has even less. But props to him!

A Whale :heart_eyes:

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tetsu is a legit whale.

You do not want to know how much he has spent in the game.


He’s talking about more than one person, and specifically called him out.

Well i know about Tetsu and i was just pointing out Rank 2 lol :rofl::rofl: sorry if i misunderstood him

I fixed the error i mesnt tetsu as a selerate thought an calling hack at the 2nd rank

Haha gonna say upwards of half a mill as much as i have seen him on top never got the point of that

I did some math, if he did this event with all rubies, it would cost about $3100 to get those points… the questions come when you’re wondering what can he possibly train to get that many points. I would guess all 3 new divines, and any harbingers he left at breed level. The #2 guy is obviously hacking, and will get deleted as soon as the rewards come out

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As usual, PG cleans the global rank before giving out prizes.
It’s now:

  1. tetsuxxx (99.9M)
  2. NoMercyHrv (99.9M)
  3. MoonN2Angel (99.9M)

It makes me wonder why PG caps the rank at 99.9M, they don’t even know how many more points they need to climb up one more rank :joy:

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They can afford to get out their cards and spend until they’re #1. In fact I highly encourage it so others like us don’t need to spend as much to keep this game rolling… :joy:

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