Hackers - what is PG dealing?

This game is getting boring more and more due to repetitive events and now overwhelmed with so many hackers. I know many players who are buying chests from 3rd party, unlocking dragons for free etc. How is PG dealing with?

FYI - this is not my main account.

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Getting dragons free can be done the legit way, but purchasing chests straight off from 3rd party is new. :flushed:

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I hope you’re reporting them…along with proof. Trust PX will take an appropriate action against the culprits. #PanThem


Free dragon with zero egg tokens.

If I report, honestly 1/3 of active big team players will be gone. Someone showed me the players who are making transactions via PayPal. You will be surprised a lot of big name players are involved. I can share you some of the items they are selling. I am not sure pg will allow me



We need your iconic pan here, @FishKA13 ! :heart_eyes:

Let the panning begin! :see_no_evil:


To be fair it doesn’t matter if they are playing in a ‘big’ team or a ‘small’ team. Any violation of TOS should be reported especially when you have proof otherwise it is not fair to the players who play this game without the use of exploits/pack loading, etc. Just because a player is on a ‘top’ team doesn’t give them immunity from the repercussions of breaking the rules.

You should probably not share (on the forums) the list of items being sold but attach it to the support ticket. :joy:


It is so tempting to buy from 3rd party. They are selling $100 for 500 platinum/ draconic chests, unlocking seasonal dragons for $20 a piece - no 20 keys needed, 10,000 12 hr timers for $100and more

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Whoever told me this I thought they were joking…… guess big teams can be even more full of themselves like PG. Also I don’t got that money to pay for any of those items and hey I don’t like cheating. Also makes me curious about the top scorer in the events everytime.

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I am thinking 2 options for myself now.

  1. Should I quit? It doesn’t make sense to grind this game or buy from PG which we know that most of the packs are not great = waste your money.
    2 should I buy from 3rd party = cheating?

I just decided to quit. I will be quitting at the end of this season. I am level 630 btw.

Do not buy third party cheats, I think I recall what someone told me about top teams cheating and this must be one of the reasons why they usually let them get away with this, if you immediately did they’d see the transaction and insta ban your account. Does it make sense? No
Is it most likely because of a higher power? Yes.

Given the actual conversation was rather …… controversial…

I don’t think PG can detect. There is no software which can detect. They directly inject them to the server. I know some of the players have been doing this for months. Nothing happened.

You never know they might just update their servers now. Or in the next month. I do know money talks especially when it comes to politics except the words are so shallow it’s like a lie within another lie.

Which is why it is important for you to report this to support so they can investigate.

Cheaters need to be flushed from the system. Players should not be quitting after getting frustrated because of these cheaters.


How much of the population is this though? Odds are they probably pay some of PG’s bills or were so what are the effects of doing such a thing like they shouldn’t get a temporary ban if they help the game grow. Either or there will be consequences on both sides if ….

A: PG doesn’t fix their broken systems, game wise or branch wise

B: PG not fixing Atlas

C: PG needs to stop inflating prices in the store (started a few weeks back or a month or two)

I’ve seen another game going viral on YouTube and oddly enough it started with Tik-Tok and …. It’s a lot cheaper like either half off the prices of 99,99 dollar packs here and there is a little more value to losing a simple 25 dollars. Moral of the story is you don’t get money by price gouging, especially if you constantly sit on your throne like a spoiled prince or princess. You have to do something so you can get that money or you can kiss your money making dreams goodbye.

That’s for PG to decide. Best we can do is report.


:joy: Their existence hurts PG’s profit. If this claim is true, then they should be sued and any players who have been using that should be banned regardless.


I have asked to some of those players. They showed me the list who ordered from 3rd party. I have also contacted 3rd party to find out if it is legit. Yea it is. He has 500-1000 customers total and at least 200 regular customers - meaning they spend $50-100 per months. His income is $10000 per month. So I would say it is a lot. By the at, 3rd party seller is from Italy if that is important.

There was a thread couple of months ago about how much players are spending here in this forum. Some people assume that $1000 per week. At least 50k or 500k whatever. They all are wrong. in order to be level 600-700, you need a lot of timers. If you buy it from pg, it costs fortune. So they are buying it from 3rd party which cost them $100-200 and you get 20k 12 hr timers and resources.


We already have enough suing when it comes to cars anymore.

Maybe PG should hire him for decision making besides he knows how to make better deals then them. When you don’t really have much to spend you really want to save not invest in something you can’t really never get back.