Hacking even more severe

This kind of feels like something that will break Atlas. Given killable troops and what not.

Not to make it more awkward but isn’t this a PG employee? On the same team? Or just someone using her name…

Hmmmm that is odd. Not sure if you are insinuating that a pg employee has anything to do with it or not. But all the devs have accounts in the game. Most of them are just very good at keeping it a secret. I dont think the employees give any special perks to thier team.

Nah. Just saying if they’re teammates makes it someone she might know. That team has always been weird.

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No need to be jealous. That looks completely legit. Time to step up your game, Panda.


Lmao, a 107 with hau :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey @Panda! Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I’m looking into it now. Yes, that is my in-game account, and @IIIRogueIII is correct that while devs and other employees (like myself) may have accounts, we do not give any special perks to our team.

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If so could make TC really awkward. :sweat_smile:

And you realize that player has a dragon not possible to obtain for his level? That’s OBVIOUSLY a cheater.

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Yep. Already on it.

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Well thats awkward :yum:

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In case it’s not clear, this player was one of our support agents. They never attack in the production environment, but they do have accounts and test out our internal tools on themselves. Obviously they either didn’t understand the tool they were using or used it improperly … the account has been removed, and I think some valuable lessons were learned about that tool they used.


Actually, it wasn’t clear to me whatsoever. I was always under the impression that test accounts had no way to influence the main game.


Shouldn’t those be isolated/restricted a bit more, or is Hobbitton not an actual team (non-PG players)? >_>

So did the troops she build even real or it’s a product of your testing?

They don’t normally @Lx460, but in this case a customer support tool was misused (though cleaned up later, it obviously had a undesirable [but temporary] impact on the leaderboard).

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