HAILLSTORM is recruiting!


Hello there dragon riders,we are curently looking for a couple of active players that really like to fly and destroy bases.
Once you have joined us you will become part of our family.We do count on one another in order to advance through the leagues of the game.Curently we are a platinum 3 team,with the right members we plan moving up towards sapphire,we do search for players that participate in events and don t miss wars.Active-Very Active.
Also we do require the line app in order to comunicate even outside of the game
If you are interested in joinning us send me an in game message (ign LeX47) or contact one of the officers.

Best of luck ! :+1:


Our team is looking for 3 active players to join us.
Send me a message in game or to the other officers in order to join us .


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