HakaiRujin looking for more players


We are HakaiRujin consisting of competitive,friendly,weird,crazy,fun people and we are looking to add strong experienced players to help grow the team stronger . So if you are up to the challenge of joining a team and help take it to the next level come and join us :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

LFM –Gold 2 – HakaiRujin – Prefered level 50+

Language: Dominantly English
Time Zone: World wide
Elite Account?: Not a must
Highest Lineage Dragon:Atleast Green/Gold

We are a team that is focussing on development and growth right now but we are aiming for Platinum league and Atlas . We are looking for friendly, kind,with patience and chatty players to join us and help us grow towards those goals as 1 strong unit . We have 4 spots directly available and 6 more that can be made .If you feel spoken to or feel up for the ride/challenge then join us by replying here or messaging me ingame @ HakaiRyu18 . Thanks for your time and i hope to see some of you with us in the team :wave::love_you_gesture:


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