Hall of Research glitch... but only for the new Flaks

Hi all
I wanted to point out that the researchs carried out in the “Hall of Research” does NOT affect the Attack ( regular atk and supershot ) and HP values of the Ice Flak and Fire Flak. Obviously I mean those generic researches that increase these values.
Here are some screenshots that explain the problem better. @PGJared @PGPulse @pgEcho @PGEggToken @PGCoffee

Research: Sharpened Steel ==> + 6% to all combat tower damage ( This is one of many )

Base values of Attack / Supershot ( ATK / SPECIAL ) and HP of the Ice Flak Level 33

Here a screenshot of my Ice Flak Level 33 after the “Sharpened Steel” improvement.
As you can see, the values of ATK and Supershot are NOT influenced by “Sharpened Steel” and not only from it but from all similar research

I hope I have explained the problem well !!


I am not surprised. The achievements for “Upgrade 5 Defense Towers to Level XX” do not count flaks or turrets.

I guess these most important towers don’t do much for “defense”…

Is it supposed to change what you see in the tower? If so a lot of those researches do nothing. The most recent one I did I think was plus 4% HP to storm and archer towers I think, whatever it was I checked before and after finishing the research it and the numbers didn’t change.

Thanks for the heads-up and for the detailed report. I’ve passed this on to the team for review.

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That makes sense but is completely stupid. It has to say “tower,” to be considered a tower, seriously…

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