Hall of research , how many years to fix this?!

Ok I think EVERYONE is having issues with this. We are all way behind in research because we lack green/gold/ platinum eggs and the amount of egg tokens required for each research is just way too steep! Isnt there a way of making this simple part of the game a little less impossible?
Give us a break guys, 120 000 egg tokens for two research items is just… :sleepy::exploding_head:


The thing is that if you are breeding a mythic. Then you look at the breeding screen and the chance is that there will be at least one egg from the previous tier and when you are breeding that 80 fragment mythic then well you might get for example 40 eggs from the last tier. Once you start getting lots of fragments then you will get lots of other eggs.

I think there’s a real problem with the gold egg research though. I’ve got plenty of platinum eggs. But I need 60 gold eggs to even START any of the platinum research. If the choice is between 60 gold eggs for research or having an additional 120k egg tokens to get my next garnet dragon… research is always going to lose. None of the dragons I’m breeding now give me gold eggs :woman_shrugging:


I just used gold as an example but that is true

I’m stuck in green, can’t even touch gold research yet and I’m breeding Garnet Dragons.

I need another 60 green eggs to move forward with research.

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Considering im stuck on greens and currently breeding sapphires…
without breeding JUST for research purposes ,I womt be getting anymore green eggs.


And you’ll never get greens or golds unless you go back and intentionally work on them. The answer is for PG to lower the costs and make sure there are good backbreeds to reduce the tokens per egg.


Every breeding event I spend time breeding green eggs, but it still sucks.

It’s not possible from a certain tier forward. Even green giving 100% chance for a rare egg costs 800 tokens per egg because the egg requires (totally can’t remember the frag count) to make a single egg

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And gold eggs are 2k tokens mininum based on their fragment requirements :woman_shrugging:

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Lol they already toned down those egg requirements almost by half. Imagine doing them all twice as much now. Was unlucky to be in game doing research before the cost was reduced. Still a lot though. Sapphire research 12k + an egg

I’m only breeding platinum dragons but getting past green is already impossible for me… Need every egg token I can get :confused:

It was exactly half. Was a great move even though they did it just AFTER I started the green hunter research :cry:

If you guys think it’s difficult now, you obviously weren’t around before when it was double the cost… :joy:

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It would be nice if we could use mystic frags on the green/gold research. That or have a universal frag in prizes/chests that can be used on any research.

I’m level 300+ and been playing for over 3 years. I’m still not through green research. I refuse to spend tokens on research while I’m still working on lineage dragons.


I will not spend tokens on something that isn’t a linage dragon! The only good thing past green IMO is the xp in gold. I’m not even past green because it costs me 56k tokens just to get into gold :man_facepalming:

Research was designed for players who have nothing left to breed. If you want to move through lineage, you won’t have research done unless you spend. That’s the point. Can’t have everything for free.

If I have nothing to breed. I breed nothing! Save tokens for the 200k mythic lol

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Exactly. I’m talking about people who have 600k tokens and have every dragon in the game.

Oh always the end game

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