Halloween Giveaway Official Discussion Thread


Dragon Lords,

Please use this thread to discuss and/or ask questions about the Halloween Giveaway. The announcement will remain locked for better visibility.

Spooky treats await you in War Dragons this Halloween!

I love all the puns.

Tried to enter, it says “this promotion starts in 2 minutes”. I guess I’m on top of things today. :rofl:


Yep! It officially begins at 11am PT, so you are a tad bit early.


You posted it early. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s some actual feedback: I like this giveaway. Most of them require you to do something creative like make a video or draw a picture. I am the opposite of creative, so this is something in which I can participate, too. Thanks!


Just 5 winners, and all others will not get anything? Or there are smaller prizes as well?


My pun game was strong with this one. :ghost:


Hehehehe entered! I love the site ya’ll use, it’s really easy to navigate and enter even on a phone (which is where I am most of the time). Good luck to everyone :hugs:
Also, good puns, I love them :purple_heart: :green_heart: :t_rex:


It wants more than your in game name. It wants your full name, date of birth, and email.

False advertising.


You want prizes or not? I’ll give them my home address and social security number for the right amount of rubies. :wink:


Ugh, the link doesn’t work, I can’t get in


Refuse to give it to them. Stand strong against their collection of personal information. In fact everyone should refuse to enter, that way there’s a better chance for me to win since I already did :kissing_heart::axi::axi::axi::chunk::chunk::chunk:


To enter, you really only need to enter your in-game name @FozzieBear. The rest are optional choices for further entries.


Next page asks for name, email and date of birth, and doesn’t allow to press Save without that info to complete entry.


Where can I find this link? It isn’t working with me, can’t get in, maybe post another one?


Generally, we only ask for that information just to verify that you are within the correct age range and so we can contact the winners by email as that is usually easier to catch people than forums or in-game mail.

@ApexNagara, here is the link: https://gleam.io/vhZOH/war-dragons-halloween-giveaway


Yeah, something is wrong with my device, won’t let me enter…
Edit: I am very sad now, maybe karma is coming back to me, what are the prizes?
Edited edit: thanks, but still doesn’t work…sighs


@Arelyna it says that information is required. Will not allow save with just IGN.


@ApexNagara Read the original post. :t_rex:



Entered fingers crossed