Halloween Giveaway Official Discussion Thread


Good luck @AngryVampire


Thanks need something to lift my spirits life’s not good at mo x


Why don’t we get bonus entries for stealing @Spooky 's treats?


Since Pathox is on the poster does that mean free Pathox?

JK, I already know that there’s no such thing as a free mythic


I mean… Im getting him for “free” by the end of the season. I wont be spending for him at all but I’ll be busting my ass to get him


Lol, I don’t think I’ll get him


It takes a crapton of saving to get a mythic without spending. As much as I wanted to get Pathox, I know that I’d be setting myself up for disappointment because I hadn’t saved enough and I didn’t want to work ridiculously hard. I’ve got enough things to stress about, so I don’t want this game to be one of ‘em.
But those who do go for the mythic are admirable pillars of determination and power. I tip my hat to you. :t_rex:


It wont let me enter without
A) Entering ALL my details (you said its optional, but apparently it’s not)
B) Choosing a different email (it claims my email has ‘already logged in’, and I haven’t even entered this giveaway yet.)

Please fix the programming on this


I can’t get in at all


Name, In-Game Name, E-mail, and birth date are required to enter. This is by the system to ensure that real humans are entering and not bots. Birth date is to confirm you are above 13 years of age, which is also the age requirement to play the game.

You should be able to Log Out of any existing account you have through the system, and enter this one using a different address. If you’re using the same address as a previous giveaway, it may remember your information for ease of logging in!


Same here


Very creative arelyna :sunglasses::tumbler_glass: :clap:


Entered all details shared on Fb and twitter but didn’t register as a bonus entry the others did


Hmm, maybe reach out to Gleam Support to see if your entries are counting correctly? I can double check if they went through or not on my end, but they would be the ones to actually fix the problem if it’s not appearing as intended!


I could really use those sigils to get ScarletPlague(yes, that’s what I’m calling the upcoming legendary hunter).


You ain’t gonna wait for the festive? What if it’s better? :frowning: :t_rex:


Good point. Too bad one of my many querks is impatience


Haha yeah I get that. Hard not to spend those sigils burning a hole in my virtual pocket. But Somnus looks so ridiculously spooky and I am ADDICTED to Halloween stuff. It’s why I went for three dragons last fall and subsequently got nowhere on two of them… yikes. :t_rex:


Impatient is my major flaw, and rage, but I wanna get the festive dragon, when is it coming out again?


Week nine.
Edit: Nyx answered it better :rofl: :t_rex: