Halloween Giveaway Official Discussion Thread


On Halloween, October 31st


@Arelyna It doesn’t like me, tried doing the Facebook, Twitter and twitch one (all of which I’ve already done so I resubbed) and it didn’t count. :slightly_frowning_face:

I also tried opening the tab to hit confirm but it just redirects me to sign in which is where I did the tasks in the first place haha…


I finish 8 out of 9 lol.


Really don’t mind the additional details, that’s all over the web anyway. But that app you’re using requires permission to both post and edit personal information on Twitter and Twitch. That’s seriously uncool guys, you don’t want to be affiliated with that kind of intrusive bs.


I have tried several times no matter what I do I can’t enter. It seems to have started with “this email address is already used” “sign onto Tweeter”. So I did and it had issues with my password. I got that straight and now it says my Tweeter account has been suspended :flushed:. I’m thinking it’s just not in the cards for me :pensive:. Yes I have contacted Tweeter AcS and waiting for results


I changed my IGN yesterday, and realized that I have entered the giveaway. What happens in this case?


@HubicPair, we can still find you if you were chosen. It would just take a little longer for us to find it, but it is possible.


Still up for somnus? :grin:


Probably not. But we’ll see. :t_rex:


Hey do I need to do anything to claim the prize? My IGN was anounced on FB


You do not! They should be hitting your account in the near future. :smiley:


And congrats on winning! The RNG gods were kind to you. :slight_smile:


Ty very much this is the first time I have won any contest I might have too go to the casino tonight across the river :joy:


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