Hammer drop with draconic chests - why? Justify it plz

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I have been getting draconic chests for Hueso. I don’t know how everyone else feels about the hammer drops but they are very disappointing to me. 5 hammers for a chest that runs 1000 rubies is a rip off. I can forge 5 hammers in 15 hours. That’s not very long. Comparing other drops I can get 10 twelve hour speed ups. Those would take 300 hours to forge. This is the same rarity of a drop.

Are people truly that desperate for hammers that no one else has seen this? Or do we not care? To me this is a joke. I get hammers from runs and the forge. I don’t need to waste draconic chests on such a pathetic drop.

Even on comparable drops the quantity is not close. This needs removed, or changed. Anyone else agree?


Eh, it’s been announced before. Just treat it as a filler drop.

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Thanks for the thread and welcome. Even as a filler drop it just feels frustrating to me. I was not sure how the community felt around it, given the drops of similar rarity.

I don’t think the “filler” drop is the issue, I think it’s the amount in that drop. :thinking:


That is correct. A comparable quantity of timers to the timers of same rarity would be 100 hammers. We are getting 5. If it’s a filler, it better be a comparable filler. At this quantity it’s a slap in the face.


Hammers are something we have been asking for in our drops in the past so sadly this is pg listening to its players! Pffffffff :rofl:

So are they sufficient in value for that chest at that price ? Absolutely not!

Pg obviously has no clue to the value of their own currency across play styles!
They try to support “as many play styles as they can” just not activity based ones lol

5 hammers should be 50 -100 and it would be closer to balanced but pg will only
adjust something else downward to keep the chests profitable to them :man_shrugging:

Can’t argue with this.


@PGGalileo please look into this.

Agreed. The amount is a joke. During 1 war ill use 20 times that amount at least.

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I think the problem is having hammer drops in the “overpriced” draconic chests.
Also wtf with the growing lists of chests. Whats next Mastercard Chest?


I agree. We don’t need more chests. We need appropriate drops per player level. Scaled drops would resolve many issues players are facing. Hammers? 5 is a joke. I need twice that for any defend I make. 50? Maybe that’s worthwhile.

Waiting for a pg rep to respond and explain their logic around this pathetic drop still

Absolutely agree. I don’t recall hammer drops going up with Atlas where the demand is very high. Sure some players have thousands of hammers, most likely long term players that collected them before there was a significant use for them outside of war. The current drops are sufficient for teams that war, but if you have not played the game for 4 or 5 years, war and are active in Atlas I’m pretty sure that hammers are something that you don’t get near enough of.

Based on the amount I forge or outright buy I’d say hammer drops should be about triple what they are.

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A slight increase along with green banners having a base set of 5 of each type of defense consumable all non-retainable to avoid exploitation and if a player wishes they can use more consumables to defend the green banner but the base 5 provided by pg disappear at end of the run.
This will encourage more teamwork & active defense and teach new players the art of defense early without fear of using all their defense consumables with more and more teams having been added to atlas at earlier levels of play.
This is a requested quality of life improvement long standing in the player retention thread this along with an over all increase in def consumables is needed if they want us to fight …we need the tools to defend these worthless castles! lol

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Bumping up. The hammer drops need increased quantity for the price. Very easy fix.

Yes that would be ideal but with pg nothing is easy :man_shrugging: And while I agree 110% it should be as simple as just increasing them.
Pg will simply lower some other resource in draconic chests as they tend to not give without taking away.
Great feedback for them :sunglasses: sadly all we can do is let them know that if they want us to attack we kinda need to be able to defend what we have and what we are trying to take :scream:crazy idea huh! Lol

Also not a fan of the hammer drops.

Should replace it with an appropriate item.

I like the hammers,
Just make them worthwhile


I constantly run low on hammers, so it is an appreciated addition… however, 5 hammers? A literal joke Come on PG! It isn’t even April 1st yet!

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Same here, the hammer drops should be replaced (preferably removed, but Ik that’s practically impossible) cuz it’s the bane of my existence :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::gun:

That is one way for PG to make extra profits - let’s have in game items sponsored by corporations.

As you suggest - let’s start with a MasterCard chest next season. Then we can have the Tesla festive dragon. How about corporate sponsored portraits - would love a my pillow guy portrait. Even events will change - will start getting the Tostitos Kingdom Wars and Brauny Team Gauntlet. Really looking forward to the Fight Club Fight Pits.