Hammer Time 😉 (15chartitle)

Hey forum friends,
Couldn’t resist the title, lol. My question is: Considering you were moving as fast as possible, what’s the absolute quickest time you can drop hammers/shields/swords? Not sure if that’s worded right but I hope that’s understandable.
I was battling a defender who was single-handedly dropping hammers every three seconds and I’m not fully sure if that’s possible :thinking: :t_rex:


You on android? Takes an eternity it seems like for me to drop a hammer and it actually heal the towers, the cooldown will lag while the attacker doesn’t lag. When attacking, defenders can just go bonkers without a care in the world. Probably drop 5 or 6 in the time it takes me to drop 1.

Not sure if that’s worded right or understandable but it’s a massive frustration for me and has been for awhile.


Nope, iOS. I notice it lags sometimes but I’ve never been able to drop them in such quick succession as what I saw, nor do I see that kind of thing often. I feel like the activation time for the items (when the circle fills up with green) is at least four seconds, plus the (admittedly small) amount of time it takes to move another one over the towers. Most things about the defense consumables (relating to their times and lag) just seem so unpredictable. :t_rex:

After the circle lags its way to full, and vanishes, I have to wait a few more seconds for it to actually heal. But even worse is not even being able to join defenses with enough time to defend anyways. I have to literally click join IMMEDIATELY when the banner pops up to even have a chance at setting the mage drain, and that’s even with a blue mage moved to the start of my base to add more time to join and defend. It’s horrible.


Record the run and send to PG for cheat investigation


I don’t have a recording option on my phone (I’m on an old-ish version of iOS) but I did nab a screenshot of the battle chat where all that shows up. Will send it in a bit later when I have a brain to think with lol. Just wanted to ask here how quick is too quick for a drop during defense. :t_rex:

Very similar information that was shared with me is what prompted me to create this thread:

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I’ve seen this a lot in some of my event runs, people defend like crazy and I don’t even get time to do any damage to the towers before another two heals are put on the towers. It’s so frustrating

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This might explain why I get lagged out of of so many of my attacks because the defender is repairing and not even repairing the island I’m hitting I just see at the bottom so-and-so is repairing and looking at the screen I’m like “repairing what?” as I sit there frozen being told I have a poor internet connection


That happens to me a lot as well. Most of the time I just think I’m facing a sh!tty defender :joy: :t_rex:

I don’t usually get the lag that bad… But I have seen videos where hundreds and hundreds of hammers and attack and defense boosts were applied in a single battle. This was with three defenders.

Within the limits of the game? Yes

Possible for a human? Show me.


Think of the advantage. Perfectly timed and placed with 3 defenders, a new hammer will land every second of the battle. So, every second, 30% of the towers are healed.

Every second.

You think Destar can beat that, even with max buffs?

How about Neptus, plus Destar, plus Neptus, plus Destar, plus fromhar?

They got 26%, but only because of Flux and chain lightning.

Even if you sand/vine entire base, the hammers are so fast you still lose.



@SavageAFforPG @CheekyGrinch I covered the names because it’s not my intent for this to be a callout post of any sort. But anyways here’s what was happening. Two Three defenders dropping items every three seconds. Would have gotten more screenshots but by the time I realized what was happening, the battle was nearly over. :t_rex:

Edit: Left the first letter of the names in to differentiate each defender.

Seems that one interval is less than 3s

Edited the screenshot a bit to make it a little more clear. :t_rex:

I wouldn’t put the highest confidence in the timestamps from chat. Not to mention it rounds off.

It does… In what the players can see. Fortunately, everything has happened in battle is a kind of chat. It’s logged using epoch time, and it is very precise (fraction of a second). Technically, that is limited by how often the game actually processes steps… But regardless.

Consistently dropping every 3 seconds is possible, but difficult to coordinate and it is certainly pushing the limits of human capability if maintained for the whole battle.

That one shot is not really enough for me to tell… But itself, it I doesn’t look impossible. If it happened like that for the entire battle, that seems very unlikely.

But all the information is on the logs available to PG. Who dropped what, when it was dropped, when it registered on your client… Everything.

If you believe the players were cheating in some way, then you should submit a ticket with the details Jared mentioned in the other thread. Maybe they were m maybe they are just very fast. I cannot say with the information available.

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Thanks for your responses, and thank you to everyone else here as well. The war’s still going on so I will keep watching. :t_rex:

If the hammer spamming is on farms I reckon I can drop one every 3 seconds no problem

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I don’t know about Android but with Apple If you have good connection that’s definitely possible.
With good connection the heal can be as little as 1 to 1.5 second and hitting them on the island takes no time. Never recorded the time but i would think 3 secs is definitely possible.