Hammers and draconics

There is no place for hammers in draconic chests … they belong in gold and bronze only.
Absolute disgusting the amount of hammers u give us in draconics


Every chest has filler items. Hammers are the filler item in Draconics. Health pots, wood, food, xp packs (depending on event) in gold

If you only open 20 Draconics its like lotto. You need to open 500+ in a row to average out your drops.

Unlike gold and bronze where you can get away with smaller pulls.

When your drops average out over a larger 500 set you will be very happy as this is where the drops average out :slight_smile:

20 chests with Draconics is going to be super hit and miss you will either be low chance pleasantly surprised ( 3 blue drops ) or much higher chance pissed off and pulling your hair out.

This is the appeal though. Like lotto there is a low chance to win yet people get ticket’s because of the allure of a big payday. Draconics replicate this buzz.

There are some long gaps with no blue drops as well. I remember one time I opened 60 but maybe it was 50 and no blue drops. Next pull of 10 was 3 blue drops. Next 10 had another blue drop.

So at 50 I was pissed. By 80 chests I’m happy lol. Thats the nature of Draconics.

So the key for these Draconics is opening decent numbers. If you are going smaller pulls and need consistency then golds are better ( pvp events for the IF and Energy packs if you need those )


And most importantly: never use rubies to open draconic chests. Only use them, if you acquired them as part of the festive dragon line


Absolutely agree with you that the most expensive Draconic chests (amongst all chests type), the prizes should not contain items that just insults you… :disappointed:

one needs 18k sigils and 75k sigils to claim all 600 Draconic chests to open them up for a decent return. So hammers & 100% XP boosts
Needs to be replaced in draconic chests.

Hammers: bronze chests

XP boosts: use XP potions and wisdom runes and XP research & team mate back up will suffice

@DragonPunch or whoever makes these decisions… pls consider kindly :man_bowing::man_bowing:

*Offended Platinum Chest Noises*

Idk, I’ve never had them insult me, maybe Im not opening them right. Crazy idea but some people actually want hammers

Like Breakbeat said all chests have filler items. Hammers are a better filler than dragon boosts or black pearls. No chest is ever going to only have exactly what you want in it. I see no issue with dracs having hammers in them. I do think the amount in a drop is too low though. Increase it to like 20 hammers in an epic drop

As someone who has 30k hammers it doesn’t bother me at all that hammers are in dracs. I may not need them but other people do.
Now XP boosts I’d be happy if they removed


Ok. I’m glad there is one thing that pleases you… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for hammers. 15k myself and I keep getting more and more from bronzes. But yeah if it used to pearls which was hell lot worse :rofl::rofl::rofl:
So yeah hammers instead of pearls if put it this way …

Well. PGMatt. Keen for your verdict after you got all 600 draconics please :rofl::rofl:

I need hammers and draconics are a good way for me to get hammers.
You are the person dumb enough to use rubies on drac chests


Harsh :rofl:


I vote for hammer removal. Let it be at least a small number of mythic fragments. That also fits better to draconic!



I wouldn’t want PG to add “more” hammers, but current rate from draconics is fine with me.

But then again, I may only feel this way because I defend a lot, so… :sweat_smile:

I wish PG rewarded defending more, not just for successful defenses, to encourage everyone to defend.


If you remove hammers how are you going to get any for wars if your really low on them?

PG just need to give us a pawn shop, so players can have more choices.


There should be a different chest type for specific items a player needs at a cheaper cost if they want to spend the rubies on and need them badly. Like hammers, xp potions, dragon shards etc.

Draconics are definitely good for pvp resources not hammers and old dragon shards most people barely ever need or use.

I know players don’t want to open a ton of chests and get what they don’t really need. Very disappointing results for all the time you spent saving those chests.

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I would vote for tower atk and tower hp instead of hammers and 200% xp. These are harder to get, at least I am always very low on those.


Tower attack and defense would beneficial because I rarely get these back anymore…

I think you get more of them only by opening bronze chests during Fort or Breeding what nobody wants to do :sweat_smile: or they are in the event prizes but never enough lol

I’ve gotten all 600 for 3 seasons in a row now. It’s one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success the next season.

I don’t decide on things like chest drops. I’m just playing the game the way it is now. I shouldn’t share my opinions about chest drops as a player when other PG employees are the ones who decide these things. This is up to the game designers, not engineers.


I vote for getting rid of hammers for a small number of mystic fragments.


I vote for prize claim flexibility across all prizing if your given a prize there should always be a few options as to what you can choose! :man_shrugging:


And I disagree. You can have 2k of my tower attack and Hp boosts but give me 2k hammers back please.

IHell, I’ canrun through 2k hammers easily in a week depending on how intense my team’s atlas week is