HAMMERS the great hammer depression of 2018

Ok so I’ve dealt with my wifes hammer spamming addiction. She loves to defend. But it’s so hard to get hammers. When you can drop 50 a defense, is it possible to shorten those to an hour build or make a pack of just hammers… I mean I have 5000 shields, 5000 swords, 68 hammers. It’s sad really.


I think the problem is that everyone is “hoarding” shields and swords, so obviously THOSE must be the things everyone wants! I mean if you WANTED to have hammers you’d stop chucking them recklessly, right? (Side note: someone REALLY needs to create a sarcasm font)


Yeah it sucks! I’ll have sometimes thousands of the others and 7 hammers :joy:

Definitely a lack of hammers in the game!

But that’s why we have the daily shop we can trade in some of our other defensive boosts for hammers, right? :thinking:

@Twitchx if you referring to the salvage shop: NO WE DO NOT have that Option… it was released as beta and then kinda died in silence. Never heard anything about it anymore.

Hammer use has gone up exponentially due to atlas. There are a lot more attacks that need defending since battles are so important.

@PGDave something to consider as daily tribute :blush:


Yeah I’ve noticed a increased need for them and a reduced payout on events.

I think we are all supposed to be buying the stronghold packs and forging. Hah!

How bout pull swords and shields out of chests, we’ll let you know when to put them back in. lol


Atleast increase hammers give out in event rewards ! You get like maximum 90 hammers for Rank 1 in some events in diamond, you can increase the hammers in rewards atleast.

Sapphire requires more hammers for one War than you get for an entire event.

I wholeheartedly agree with the need for a change. While I would love to use the forge for different items,the only thing I forge right now are hammers. And a weeks work is gone within two

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I think Im ok with how many hammers are out there with where I am in the game. Why does every attack have to be a hammer fest? Id rather they forced people to use them a little more strategically.

Lower the number of swords and shields to match hammer levels.
Looks like many people would be very happy if these 2 were taken out of chests.

At the comeptitive level, it’s what you do for war hits if you want to, you know, win.


Dropping 10+ hammers per island, and 20+ per farm island is daily basis for diamond now. And especially even more in atlas. U can see hammers dropping non-stop just to make the other use 2-3 dragons

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When we got into diamond - I had 1362 hammers going in - after the first week I was under 100 :woman_facepalming:t2: And it’s IMPOSSIBLE to build them back up, bc like Red said - they’re vital :joy::joy: So yes, I concur - PLEASE increase hammer drops or change the forge time or something :sob::sob: @PGDave


It would make sense to send all the hammers to the first place team. Whoever they may be.


I love defending bases :grin::grin:


Real quick question. The ten hammers per island number split between 3 defenders yes? No way 1 defender is gonna drop 10 hammers alone :joy:

dropping 10 hammers on an island isn’t that hard to do, especially if you’re dropping them far ahead of where the dragon currently is.


What’s the point of that? If the dragon ain’t there yet you’re dropping hammers for the sake of it? :joy: