Handling castle shield cooldowns more easily as a team?

I am looking for any tips to make guarding the castle shield cooldowns less tiresome. Are there any common best practices? How do you manage them in your team? Does one person (team leader?) handle them all? Is it a few persons? All officers? Some kind of rotation? Do you split a single cooldown time between people? Guarding a castle for 3h at a time repeatedly is one of the less fun aspects of this game.

[Edit] Summary of replies:

  • Bubble less often
  • Just do it at whatever time your team is most active
  • Get your alliance to help babysit
  • Tell your members not to go to sleep or work
  • Post the coords here for help with practice lol

So looks like I was not missing anything obvious. I will accept one post as the solution because why not.

Just do it at whatever time your team is most active

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  1. Bubble less often
  2. Set usual times where you do CDs when your team is largely online
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Yes, but even at active times, people come and go, and there can be gaps, so someone has to stand guard the whole time and alert the others if there is danger.

You have 4 other teams in your TA. If you are worried about someone taking a NZ T2 while you are on CD you can have 30 teams sit on it lol.

Load up your prims as much as possible and send me the coords to that’ll help :eyes:

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Also the bigger the players the better preferably lv 550+ unless it’s a t4 then thesmaller the players the better


Since we’re being that way…and if it’s a T4 or T5 (gonna go out on a limb and assume it isn’t) make sure the Marshall is removed.

But, what RuRu said - get your alliance to help babysit and/or tell your members not to go to sleep or work.


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