Happy birthday exalted!

Today is a big milestone for ExaltedDraons! Our beloved team is 5 years old today!!! :fire::fire::fire::fire::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: This is like 50 years in the world of war dragons! As a celebration, our amazing officer @Lagertha put together a playlist with songs gathered from each member. We thought why not share with the world :smile: now there are 51 songs, because @MomNeedsValium could not decide which song is her fav. So we thought heck, put it in there also, hope y’all enjoy!



Happy b-day y’all

:eyes: Is there punch and pie?! Or ice cream and cake!?!

Details, man, details!

:tada: Happy Birthday :tada:

Happy birthday :balloon::confetti_ball::tada:

We have whiskey and crab legs. Come on over and enjoy!

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You kidding??? Our lead never stops stuffing her face :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Where my invite? :eyes:

Congrats ExD! Sappy and Ron, wow you guys getting oooollllldddd… :rofl:

Rude :unamused:


It’s true though :man_shrugging:

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:raised_hands: On my way :raised_hands:

Wohooo :partying_face: … camel milk for everyone :dromedary_camel::milk_glass::otter::eyes::joy:


Don’t be gross :expressionless:

I remember hit arelyna or crisisi while on this team. Congratulation, and stay strong

5 years already? Nice. Happy Birthday then. Been nice rolling with you guys.

Happy birthday too to my former team, WeFlakYou.

Still the same good humour guys :joy: Keep on :sunglasses: