Happy Easter Everyone!

Wish all of us is happier here and irl.

Also no prank please, since it’s Easter

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This makes me wonder where in the world you are, since it’s still not Easter where I am :sweat_smile:

Edit: And happy Easter to you too :kissing_heart:


Indonesia. (UTC+7)
Probably 11 or 12h difference from many US players.

Happy Easter!!! Still Saturday for me though :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Easter! Tomorrow is Easter for me. But I’m still going to prank people… obviously by my off topic thread about pranks lol

Lol, yeah, I’m on Pacific time. Still Saturday afternoon/evening here :laughing:

Been easter here for about 13.36 hours …

1:36pm Sunday - Aussie Aussie Aussie !!!


Happy Easter everyone! :grin::heart:

Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

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Happy Easter to you too :blush:

Happy Easter!! Hope everyone had a splendid day :>