Happy Hippo - Chrome plated version

This chrome plating issue was last seen in Fall ‘17, when I had it with Anuba. And saw my mates’ Chimerak, Spindra and Anuba to be chrome, too. I found it annoying, but just as it happened with Ember, it disappeared after 4-6 weeks.

Wintertide was okay.

Then Chuck came, and the past is haunting me:

No matter where - in the den, flying, the dragon selection screen or the roster - poor thing is not really himself.

Now my question is if anyone else has experienced the same.

PS: It has been reported, now with the devs, as nothing changed even after performing the factory reset on my device.

@PGCrisis Which colour do you prefer?


Mine looks like that too, it looked a bit weird but thought it might be supposed to look like that…

Is it only like that in the den or when you fly him too?

Everywhere. (I mentioned it right below the image) and the image itself shows the den, the roster selection on the bottom right, and flying bottom left

That’s kind of badass :grin:


Sorry. I was distracted by the uniqueness. Couldn’t decide which I liked better :joy:

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it should look like this:

Like a rare pokemon :heart_eyes:.


But doesnt it look amazing…shiny :smirk:

shiny chunk…super rare :upside_down_face:

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i had those Shiny drags for about 3 months. i thought it was supposed to look like that at very high graphics. after i had to reinstall the Game due some Atlas problems on my device the dragons look normal again.

maybe it helps u aswell? or try to lower the graphics to medium and back to high. could help aswell

I had the factory reset, and so reinstalled the game. What more can one do?

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