Happy New Year to everyone (except you)

You know who you are.

Here’s to another year of bugs, glitches and being ignored for everyone else. Yay.


Happy New Year to all players of War dragons ! ! ! hope this year will be better than the 2018 .
Wish you all the best and many many other things .

All My respect ,

My best wishes to all the dragon masters! And have a great year, plentiful of achievements, and I hope with an improved game.


May 2019 be filled with more Chunks for everyone

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Have a safe New Year all! Drink responsibly and don’t go bareback :beers:

He can use a pedicure.

But I love you :pleading_face:

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There I was thinking who could be this grumpy. Have a good one guys.

Happy New Year! In other words, a time to make more resolutions you probably won’t keep.

Was it me?

God knows this year started as the worst I can remember.

Definitely not me :wink: happy new year to you too

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