Happy New Year?

Today I noticed a Happy New Year from PG banner

I thought it might be a gift from PG. Because as is customary of developers this time of year they hand out gifts. And other games I play are giving out lots of freebies to thank their communities for their support.

But on clicking the icon it just takes me to the store with all the normal packs.

No gift… No special packs.

Or is it supposed to mean Happy New Year to PG, players buy a pack so we can celebrate? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just seemed odd to goto all the trouble to make a special banner but then have nothing at all on offer.

Perhaps someone just put the banner out a day early and we are all getting 100 platinum chests tomorrow :smiley:


You’ll get nothing and you’ll like it :triumph:

Is anyone actually surprised though? They skipped Halloween and gave us some random naked dude for X-mas so… yeah, seems appropriate to finish off this disappointing year.


No you did get the new Invisible Dragon Omicron plus Sars the Invisible Rider … I’m just not sure what class or tier they are because can’t find ‘em yet … just keep clicking around and see what pops up! Happy New Year! :fireworks:


Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Each season begins with a sad little prize that would barely make a day one player smile and each season ends in a ceremonious plop…… :poop:
Nope not even a thanks for playing ……….

So yeah not surprised one bit and I’ve long ago quit expecting anything from them!
As far as holidays are concerned……
Yes even common courtesy!

Some games actually give two f@cks about their legacy players and they send out yearly rewards for playing yes they actually acknowledge that you have played for years and are a valued part of the community regardless of wether or not you have a gilded circle around your name!

Yes because those games value their player bases participation and TIME………

Malik looks at drop the true measure of the value of a players time……
Hmmmm has not changed in years :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not expecting anything is the most realistic perspective…….

To much reliance on data and not enough of a human touch……

Pg needs to actually try and connect with its player base they might actually see improvement in spending if the player base in general did hold such a negative view of them!

If they humanized themselves a little and showed players our time has value we might be more inclined to spend to support those who obviously value our time!

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I was intrigued when I saw the the “get now” button, pressed it and was immediately let down knowing that PG had done nothing special except commission the alert art.

Didn’t expect a New Years thing but this was a let down for the sole reason it got my hopes up for nothing :rofl:

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Eww keep that one word out of here cause that dragon would be infectious. These are not gifts their curses.

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Come on people, time to party like it’s covid1999

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Now that was a classic track from my clubbing days

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