Happy Thursday!

It’s a “Happy” Thursday get it? haha how’s the event everyone? I personally pulled 340K pts in the first 15 minutes now the grind for lumber!! haha love it

Happy Thursday! I’m at 507k points + I jumped seven levels, so I’m comfortable and ready for next season. I even have just enough sigils to get Tor with no gear once I get the team prize, so overall I’m really happy with how I’ve done :slight_smile:

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Awesome @hellraptor I’m hoping to end around 500k myself just grinding lumber I’ve jumped 3 levels so far! Fly high my friend!

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Using the fortification planner i’ve always hit the 720k mark (450 sigil) for the past year and a bit. If i don’t want to level right away I can adjust what i build (castle island, farms, totems) to still just barely hit the 720k mark for the sigils and can prepare what i’m going to let carry over building after the event ends to minimize speedups used.

Being efficient really helps I find :+1:


Post link please

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I gained 6 levels but someone on my team gained 23! I love fort

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I have gained 0 levels because leveling after 300 is like pulling teeth

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It was awesome to have such a cool tool to use and see exactly what was needed and exactly what impact said upgrades would have.

You, Sir, are the cat’s hind end (which is a good thing I’m told, especially in the world of hind ends). Don’t wanna get flagged again so can’t say the bad word.

Thanks again!


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