Happy Valentine's Day, Dragon Lords! 💖

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to make sure y’all had seen this here lil’ graphic…

I know some folks have been asking, so I wanted to clarify some stuff for ya!

  1. There IS a gift coming from Kirin (and the Dragons team) to your accounts. :rose:
  2. This gift is in the form of Wintertide Sigils! :snowflake:
  3. This gift is free, and it is NOT the promotion that also went live in-game today. :free: (oh wow, I didn’t even realize there was a ‘free’ emoji?? weird.)
  4. Our servers are busy delivering this gift to everyone’s account, so it’s possible it might not appear in yours for a little while. Please be patient while the gift is delivered and check back later in the day if you have not already received it! :timer_clock:

We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate every Dragon Lord who’s flown with us and participated in our amazing community. We are inspired by your passion every day, and this gift is for you to represent that!

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, however you choose to celebrate it! And even if you don’t, we hope you have a great Wednesday, regardless. :sparkling_heart:


No…I didn’t get mine yet

Free? Its shows money

Don’t u give free gifts like chests and speed ups ? Plz give that 2 which will help a lot

Please don’t complain about free sigils. This was a good gift. Wow.


Still waiting for mine to arrive. Got lost in the mail.

No offense Crisis, youre great and I appreciate all the hard work you all do but I find it pretty hard to believe that anyone there “appreciates every dragon lord” given that we were all blatantly lied to multiple times about there not being a 6th dragon this season and about Tor being the final prize line to be released. Then support basically tells people “sorry for the inconvienence, sucks to be you but we’re not going to do anything about this to make it right”. While I appreciate the thought, 500 free sigils doesnt really make up for the thousands that got wasted on things we didnt actually want just because we were told up through last week that this was everything coming out for the rest of the season. It’s off that false information that people made their decisions. When a company screws up it’s not supposed to be the consumer/player who eats the cost.

Let’s be honest, this was borderline fraud to get people to buy the Valentine’s packs.


Best gift PG has given in my playing time, that’s for sure. Honestly though this feels like “get you deeper into our new dragon so you feel more committed to it.” Maybe I’m a cynic or a negative nancy. I’ll take 'em, don’t get me wrong, but figures it’s something directly related to the new dragon thrown out and it is time limited in its use. During a time limited sale. For a dragon that wasn’t supposed to be a thing. At the end of the season. Just saying.

That said, the 520 sigils I got in an unexpected gift from an awesome awesome somebody was super awesome :heart_eyes:


Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Just saying :man_shrugging: I’ll certainly take it

Between this and the gift packs, I certainly won’t complain on this.

I was just giving my opinion. Like I said I’ll certainly take it :+1: 520 sigils is better than 1 gold chest and a 3 hr timer


Oh my bad that wasn’t directed towards you :see_no_evil:

I agree with you :grin::beers:

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This is awesome but sadly I have been waiting and hav not yet received the gift. :sob:

Is this gift only for those who have Kirin? My wife has it but I don’t. She got her gift but I have not. Just need to know if I need to drop 200 sigils to get the 500 lol

I don’t have it yet on either account, and I have kirin on this one but not the alt.

Update: I just got it on my main account. It’s still MIA for the alt.

:thinking: This makes me wonder if it could be by account creation date or some other grouping. They have to batch them somehow.

Thanks for the gift :gift: and Happy Valentine’s Day :slight_smile:

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Well, considering I started my main in March or April of 2016 and the alt got started when they first introduced the party xp, that explanation certainly makes sense.

Up till now, I have yet receive anything? Additional payout for those you miss out. Thanks