Harbinger and why I can’t lvl my divines at lvl 305

Why is it that I can hatch a harbinger and lvl him up to expert at my lvl of 305. Yet I can’t even bring any of my divines close to harbinger yet. Why can I hatch and fly harbinger at 305 yet not my divines? This makes no sense.

I can hatch sapphires at 108 but…that’s plat evo, not sapphire evolution, which comes at 137. It’s always been like this.


To ensure that moderate breeding progress can have the same divine power as strictly one…

What? My alt is in the same position at 305 and has several harbingers. I don’t recall it being like this with my higher accounts.

Expert? :rofl:

Level 18 only…


There is always things you have to do in order to level them

He meant breedable, maybe? :thinking:

Divines require level 315 to evolve.


Sorry bud, you can’t expert your harbs at 305. You can’t even get halfway to expert. You can evolve your Divines at 315, so only 36 ish builds to go! For more information, check out dragon manager: https://www.dragon-manager.com/dragon/T12C3HDdragon


You can’t expert them & wont evolve them until 315…You can’t even evolve them into Mythic Obsidian evolve until Den 61 (level 310)

It doesn’t matter which tier your divines have, there’s always a set max power per den upgrade. And they will be always stronger

You know what’s even MORE fun? You get to 330 upgrade your incubator and castle but you can’t upgrade your Den (which has all your dragons capped) until you hit 331.

Good times… Sometimes it just seems like PG is F-ing with us. Oh well, next month I guess.


Wait till you upgrade Den 4 levels before can level a dragon🤣

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Well that’s good to know :eyes: :rofl:

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Still able to breed cook Vans at 330 which you weren’t able to do at 329 :man_shrugging:

Can breed them allready with 300🙄

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:thinking: manager says lvl 13 castle and incubator, which is 330, problem with DM?

To use vanguard dragons to breed or to hatch them you need lvl 13 incubator and castles. But you can breed them using Harbinger dragons which can be hatched and used to breed by lvl 12 incubator and castles. :man_shrugging:

This is the same as being able to breed harb at 220 something but not hatch them till 330.

Odd, cause it also shows lvl 1 Vans player lvl 330

Literally says “Breeding Castle (to use for breeding): 13”