Harbinger score a bit odd (Temple Raid)

703 points for Harbinger? Is it nor ally 800 :thinking:
I honestly forgot to screen capture the results page, so I am not sure if this is a visual glitch or a scoring change.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Funny this should be a meme because that seems like a data base error on PG’s part


I noticed it as well. Thought it was odd but didn’t think more of it.


I got 705

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Odd it’s like the number engines are out to lunch

Actual score or just the pic like above?

I got 705. Actual score.

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@PGGalileo I will raise a ticket but you might want someone to check on this.


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You’re in Plat, Im in Sapphire and PirateFish and Talarius are in Diamond. Maybe the number is based on league… Well, we asked for higher leagues to have higher point payouts for guardians. I guess PG came through with that. Sandbagging will no longer be desirable, missing out on all those extra points :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m trying to figure out why they still stop at harbinger tier since that was … ooooo 7 tiers ago lol

They dont want to update it
They dont want us getting a ton of extra free points

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Possibly more a case of not sure if they can.

I mean the last event the updated in any major way was KindomWars and the event simply broke.

I’m almost positive that it should be 700. Guardians are 5,400 points so adding everything up, and using your 703, it comes out to 5,403.

You might be thinking of the shrine, which does give 800 for the ubers.


I would think adding the raid feature would be more of a major change than variation of points by league would be. Who knows though, this is PG after all.

Ok that would make sense. So maybe we should shut the thread :speak_no_evil: as we don’t want to lose those extra points :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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