Harbringer tier: necessary building levels

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Incubator and Breeding Castle = lv 300


Hi guys
Maybe smbd posted in past but I didn’t find everything collected together

Since amoeba is out of date: does anybody has or know where to get a full description of necessary base lvls and building details to reach Harbringer drags?

Just got lvl306 and discovered my divines are locked till I get Den to lvl62 which requires lvl310. I wonder if I’ll be able to breed Shezard as my first Harbringer or I’ll need to have castle and incubator at lvl12 (requesting storage crazy upgrades!).

Any good table or guys?


This site should have what you need. :t_rex:



Yep. You do.


This is definitely killing my ambition :sweat::sob::sob::sob:
Thx for the help at least I’ll plan my next steps on it. Need to focus on base and not on drags for a bit

you can breed legendary harbinger with lvl11 castle but u need to hatch with lvl12 incubator

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Well, yes. But I assume people actually want to have dragons and not just the unusable eggs sitting in the incubator. Maybe,if you could use extra eggs for builder hut, but you cannot until you’ve hatched that dragon once. I suppose this could change, but I do not expect it will.

One can have level 11 incubator on base level 182. Does that mean one can breed harbingers as soon obsidian parents become breedble for which base level requirement is 220?

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I’m happy to know I can breed Shezard so my steps will be:

  • get him and use up my tokens obtaining sigils and so on
  • wait next fortification so I’ll focus on storage and then incubator
  • meanwhile backbreed Marianas
    Before following breeding I’ll be able to have also Morthyl breads to breed

Is this different from what tested by @Sam ?

Yes, you can breed legendary harbingers as early 220, but you need level 300 to hatch them.

Maybe @mechengg can tell us… As best I can recall, I had to have hatched at least one dragon from the tier before I could use “extra” eggs. And with the too-low incubator, you won’t be hatching anything.

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