Hard to get XP?

The last days, in my opinion it get harder to earn Xp. For some fight, especially with young Dragons, I earn about 100 xp . Additionally I don’t get the routes how to get the multiplication for Xp.
Can anybody help me, or show me the way to get more XP? Thanks

The Invader bases in Atlas is where you get max XP. Multipliers are reset every morning with 5x, 4x and 3x for each dragon. After 3 runs, there won’t be anymore XP multiplier for that dragon until next morning.
Do you have Atlas?

Hope this helps…

Some info in this thread might help you some.

For your first 3 runs of the day with each dragon they have an XP muliplier of 5x, 4x and 3x. Try to use these to your advantage by getting a teammate to follow you as you then also get an extra bonus.

If you need to use more than one of your own dragons to complete an XP run, the XP gets splot between those dragons. Again, if you can call on a teammate to help with levelling a baby dragon, not only will you have max XP but an added teammate bonus.

Depending on your level there may be XP bases available if you do not have Atlas.

The XP multipliers and for having Elite, teammate following and the first 3 runs of the day

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If u r without atlas U can ask a member of your team who is higher level then u to backup you on a run that will get you max xp.
You can see the amount of xp a base is worth at the selection of bases to hit.

Thanks, to all who have answered till now.
Sorry, I don’t have Atlas, I’ll be looking for that. How can I joyn it?
Last days I fly with a mate with lvl 325 ( I’m at62) and also got about only 300 XP. It a long way to lvl up to 12.
The info about the first three flights is new, I will be looking for that.

It is team dependant, so if you want Atlas you will need to join a team who already has it.

I’m sure you’ll find one by posting a recruitment thread.

Which bases are you using for XP? If you have a 325 following you, choose a base way stronger than yours to maximise XP as long as they can clean up after you.

Beannie (Ember follower, split XP) should give more than 1.5k

Try bookmarking the base, and have one follower uses Ember, destroying 1-2 towers (other than farms) and quit.
Rinse and repeat.

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