Has anybody noticed?

There is never an issue when it comes to buying packs, that feature always works.


False: There was a post just the other day about buying a pack not working.


Be glad. Losing a few ingame items is one thing, but losing money is another dimension!

They were able to pay for the pack, just didn’t get it

That counts as an issue when buying a pack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Buying part worked flawlessly

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You related to BamBam?


Hells no🥴

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How about PG just starts with the easy fixes and then moves to the harder fixes. For example, remove that prize you snuck into the last 2 events where it’s not a prize. It’s actually a trap to steal rubies from honest players. I know too many people that have had rubies taken from them when they were just trying to collect their prizes, both on my team and on other teams.

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