Has anyone compiled any statistics on prizes in the Bazaar?

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Has anyone compiled anything on what prizes are available in the bazaar, and how often? I’ve got 1yr+ of data on what’s in gold chests and such, so I can figure out approximately how many chests I’d need to open for a certain goal, but I have no idea what possible things are in the Bazaar, nor how often they show up.

For example, it seems clear that rider tokens are valuable, but I have no idea if a set of 9 with a 2-token and a 3-token is rare enough, and if rider tokens are valuable enough, that it’s worth spending keystones/rubies to get them.

No, but I would recommend saving your keystones until there’s an extremely good looking set you happen to stumble upon. Don’t just spend them when you can.

I get that – it’s just that I don’t know how to recognize an “extremely good looking set” yet. :slight_smile:

It depends on what you need. Usually to help with events. Eg things like scrolls, rider stones, gold (recommend only if needed for an event). It’s all reliant on what time you need specific items.

No statistics, but prize pool:


I think it’s safe to say that every 3-5 days I open cards when I have a good draw.
A good draw for me is when there are atleast 500 scrolls, atleast 10 rider shards or atleast 4 bullhorns among the 9 cards, or a good combination of those items.

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