Has anyone else have this guy in their bookmark consequently

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Don’t mean for this to go against code but I think this guy is a hacker because he got trapped in my bookmark page and keeps coming back into my bookmark page as either bookmark and delete.

Saw him chatting in our league earlier :eyes:


@AtomicBIonde PM me the team pls
Question is why a league is this dude in?

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Sap 2 but he was teamless

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I kinda find it fishy cause his name has prince in it

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Wait - please clarify. He keeps randomly showing in your bookmarks? Or in attack list?

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He keeps showing up in my bookmark page
Edit: both as bookmark and delete


Yes he changes his name to just “prince” now let me pm you

Edit: for me it is weird as I have player named ‘Prince’ totally muted in both forums and in game, so I’m not sure why I’m still seeing that hmmm


I’ve had the same situation a while back where I found a person in my bookmarks which I never added, but found that the game kept putting him back.

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Don’t think they are hacking, just a glitch I think

It has something to do with alts and mains then


@moderators can we close this topic ?

It will close in like 2 days if we ignore it. But no point to keep it up I guess

I opened the Thread again. The account owner asked me to do it.


please before you call me out and as a hacker and post figure out whom it belongs to first i mean pg can check my accounts and that alt 15k tokens 3k rubies garnet crap gear is just a filler and yes its holding my mains name so dont try to disrespect me like that please!

so please do me a favor and edit and delete the screen shot i would much appreciate it! call outs are against the tos of the forums!

and next time write a ticket and report it :slight_smile: as its a glitch anyways

@Freddezza thank you for opening so i can respond


you are correct it is just a filler and it sits where it was left i like to come say hi!

my filler and main are on 2 seperate devices i have no idea why it was in your bm

you would be 100% correct!

i most certainly did change my main name and holding on to the name with my filler!

write a ticket please

would be bookmarks it seems

whats fishy with prince?

you can find me in sap2 or d1 on strikers

of course i have friends in sap2


I have seen a reverse type glitch where my by bookmarks come up in my attack list or someone who used to be on the team.


I remember a while back some poor dude showed up in almost everyone’s bookmarks and we couldn’t delete him. :joy: