Has anyone else have this guy in their bookmark consequently

yea seems my filler is one of them!


We all know you’re a super hacker. :joy:


bookmarks are weird around name changes. nothing nefarious, just typical war dragons programming.


:heart_eyes: so super i love to hack just look at that weak filler in garnet :stuck_out_tongue:

yea and probably had my main bookmarked or something i have no idea but i would love for the op to come here :stuck_out_tongue: im going to be respectful

Bookmarks are very glitchy. Sometimes when I go to attack someone in my bookmarks, it changes the base to the first one on the list instead of the one I chose Then I’m stuck attacking the wrong dang base. And the really weird thing is that when it does happen I can‘t actually attack. Like I am hitting towers and nothing happens so I just have to quit.


Yeah, it’s princes alt as he said, he was acting as a filler on our team (dh1) a while back and he hasn’t moved since so he’s sat around in that lc for a while. Got no clue about ops issue of appearing in bookmarks

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Good luck on that, OP said they have you blocked on forums and in game

if blocked i would not be able to see the post! so i think your mistaken

Can you just hack my bank account and give it 8 more digits please hackers lol :joy:
I have seen this problem before i just ask support to take the bookmark out


i wish i could hack! i cant even do web coding and rely on other folks tools except breeding path i do not use one!

but honestly if he thinks my alts a hack he should be writing support not posting here as a call out!

Sorry i did do bookmarking nothing I could do with you base at my level at all.

Just thought if anyone could destroy your base at a level it would be Jalen plus you kinda gave away your team’s name on the forum’s a while back.

Idk but I never talked or even talked on the forums until Jalen asked for me to talk on one of his threads 3 days back.

So sorry for the beef I know now it’s not healthy.

Let this be a lesson don’t give your teams name out on forums though. Or be a stupidly stubborn as I.
Edit: guess that’s the second benefit to having an alt it gets rid of whoever bookmarked you am I right?

Don’t let this frighten you from the forums! I would check out the TOS for the forums and move forward. All is good, I wouldn’t really call this beef, more of unawareness.

However, in the future, make sure to send posts like these to support and they’ll be able to help you by removing the bookmark or will open an investigation on cheat/hacks. Hope you have lots of fun in the forums, OP! :hugs:


@Moderators close the thread pls

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