Has anyone notice they increase cost on new tier dragons, Yet they havent increase amount of tokens we can earn?

So. as the new tier is coming out and last tier is now finished. The amount of tokens that has taken to get this dragons is unbelievable. PG has force us to spend more and more to breed this dragons, yet they have not increase the amount of tokens we can earn in game. Even when we spend golden chest most we get is 3000 tokens, when the the amount of tokens needed to breed this new dragons is 250k to 500k just to obtain it and even spending still some of us player found it difficult to earn enough breeding tokens to breed this new tires. I dont know about you guys but honestly think they maybe should restructure the egg token earning a little better to comply with the spending

The only way making getting dragons easier is part of tier based discounting.

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What is the exact cost for a legendary?

PG wants you to spend. Either sigils on token mission boost or rubies on gold chests.

Technically not true. Atlas daily rewards were recently increased, and every tier released comes with a balloon upgrade that gives more egg rewards.

I think Abysmal legendaries are in a pretty reasonable place tbh, especially when you realize the real gate is timers. I’m not blocked from leveling my divines until 461, and that gives me 2-3 months to collect my 520k.

Granted, my progression has slowed a crawl and I’m pretty annoyed with that, but PG couldn’t make it more obvious that they don’t want us E2Ps catching the whales, so :man_shrugging:.


They added the token balloon increase by adding it different tier eggs gets you 5% more egg tokens. However I feel it wasnt enough at these prices


Yeah, there’s been a couple tiny token increases, but combined with a massive token cost increase, it’s just not matching up. We’ve complained about this for 6 months. Something needs to be done SOON.


Those SWOT Legs are 340k a pop I bet.

Someone in one of my main teams predicted 390k.

Idk how he came up with it though.

I just hope he doesnt have any numbers to back that up or contacts as i want cost to be the same or maybe just slightly higher than abyssal. Q.Q

edit: if it has to increase…

Y’all are on crack


By the time you get to end game tier, non-spenders (other than elite) you can easily earn enuf tokens between each breed event to breed one legendary. Plus you can backbreed after you get a mythic. Plus if you save chests for start if each season, you can bank enuf to pull in another legendary to speed you along. PG is not going to drop prices so free players can breed all the birds as quickly as spenders can. But it is not the end of the world. Us non-whales can get them too if play smart.

Both numbers would leave me fall behind, still not spend anymore and raise the chance of quitting, either way no one would care…

yes playing smart helps but that’s not the issue, the issue is that the prices for dragons are increasing exponentially, yet we are still getting almost same amount of tokens more of less. Now for all of us who are upto date sucks cause we cant back breed, or get discounts etc. yet when I spend money still get 3000 tokens at best on chest yet dragon prices have gone way up that’s what I’m talking about.

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