Has anyone seen Sethile?

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sethile? He used to be a really strong player, I miss him dearly.

Wasn’t he from ancients ascent?

Yes I miss him, do you know where he has gone?

Hopefully quit the game and got on with his life like everyone else should do

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:point_up_2:t2::flushed: charsss

Lmfao :see_no_evil:

Found Seth: I checked my mail way back, unfortunately it looks like he sold it to a player who now has it named malevolence :confused: such a shame I really liked Seth and his base was fun to attack. RIP SETHILE

:roll_eyes: @Ineverdefend

That would explain a lot as to why the account feels very pedestrian now. I bet someone is just praying (another) quits soon so he can leech that one too

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