Has legendary and Mythic been mixed up this season

Have the discount and mythic dragons been mixed up?

Gilas is a capable hunter, which needed a little taming.

Nockmare - underwhelming in the extreme.

no meaningful heath regain,
average breathe attack
dependent on rage for the white spells in attack
susceptible to rage traps. can be rendered useless by two shots from level 1 mages.

In the running for a high spot as worst mythic.

Have dragon maxed - rider with 4 maxed elite and 4 maxed mythic.
Can take same bases with Gilas, and Artisan Legendaries, and kinnarix


The rage drain is a real issue with no way to avoid it.

Quasar by comparison could both avoid mage shots or even if you were lazy getting hit by a mage was no issue since the blue shield spell gave +1 rage.

Nocks other issue ( small hp regen, no rage regen spells and no way to avoid mage shots) is his weak breath damage which is fairly useless on more than 1 defender.

He’s basically a ultra weak Quasar.

I like that they made Nock more tactical to play and more interesting ( Quasar non stop aoe nukes were kinda OP and a 1 trick pony ) but unfortunately it also makes Nok underwhelming.

He is basically a perch dragon. Just wish I had some dark defence gear lying around.

I’m kinda annoyed. I took off Kins gear and gave it to Nok. Now I gotta take it off and give back to Kin.

My Kin in half leveled elite gear is doing way better than my max half mythic half elite Nock… lol.

The person designing spells does not play enough to understand the game or doesn’t listen to the feedback provided. Players need to speak with their wallet and stop spending money supporting sub par game play.

I recently reviewed my tickets from my various level 600 and 500 accounts from the last few years and only 1 of about every 20 had a positive outcome. Most issues were forwarded to “the team’” whoever the hell that is, for consideration. Nine of the top ten problematic issues are still in the game. PG has been given an abundance of sugesstions, advice and free labor but game play only gets worse. Profit margin is data they can’t ignore. I’d recommend spending your time and money elsewhere.


I don’t have Nockmar but I think the spell named Doom call should help you :hugs:

As someone who does have nockmar. No it won’t.

Back end even middle mages are in range of their super shot before doom call can freeze them