HAT INCREASE - thank you!

Omg @PGDave @pgEcho I love you so so so much right now.

Thank you for upping the max hats to 7999!!!


You’re welcome! It seemed like a change that would help everyone, and simultaneously make the value of the tower’s time boost easier to realize.

Also, I just bumped up a smidge more so that it’s a nice even 8,000 now. I’d be meaning to go from 3999->4000 for a while, but hadn’t quite managed it yet (it was always intended to be a nice round number, but rounding somewhere along the way got in the way … all good now!).


My team chat is going absolutely bonkers right now with appreciation and love. Thank you so so much!

Found the 8000. A sneaky, but pleasant surprise. Thank you!!

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A very well received change indeed–thanks!!



Thank you!

One question which may or may not be related. I’ve been searching the forums on GP changes, but someone posted a response in Line form support in which it was stated there was a GP change so that you no longer benefit from loss of your own troops, and that you benefit differently based on player level. (Rewarded for attacking bigger and punished for attacking smaller)

Is this a thing now? Did I miss a thread? Was it part of the update? If true it sounds good. I haven’t been able to test.

Thanks, great adjustment :+1:t2:
Now I can clear all poachers, do some more runs on mines and still can use all the gold to build troops without having to send to the bank and withdraw/hunt more later :grin:

Woot! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

399 troops - 5hr to finish
800 troops - 11hr to finish

3998 hats - 2.776 hours to regenerate
8000 hats - 5.556 hours to regenerate

Sooo… Now the spenders who don’t have much time grinding, can log in every 6h to hunt a little, and spend more rubies, and more timers to speed up the build xD. The very active non-spenders can still log on every 3h and grind for gold and troops. Kinda the same :laughing: Thank you for the inflation though

So I hope the tower troop bonus factor will help a big chunk in here. We are still capped by the hats (8000 hats instead of 3998). How much time reduction we can get from a maxed Tower (I assume from lv5 region) @PGDave? Could you reveal us the number please?

Intentional or unintentional, 1 horn still appears to equate to a full queue of hats, which just doubled in value.

Can’t wait for the next troop training tourney

As far as I’m aware:

Gp = number of enemy troops killed * 0.75

That is the “potential gp earned”

This is then modified by the number of troops you lost so that:

Gp awarded = capped at 1.5x troops lost

In other words

You attack me with 1000 troops vs 1000

You kill all 1000, so potential gp earned is 750

If you lose 500 = you gain 750gp
If you lose 1000 = you gain 750gp
If you lose 100 = you gain 150gp

As far as I’m aware there is no high lvl low lvl mechanism yet


Thank you, that is the latest I heard too. I guess I’ll have to kill some troops to confirm. Was hoping it might be true.

I’ve asked for permission to share it in the forums. I figure support was either confused about how it worked, was aware of upcoming changes, or it was some old thing.

EDIT : Adding message from support with permission, name of player removed just in case.


Thanks for writing back. 

Please take note of the recent changes in Atlas. I've included details about it below.

Due to recent balance changes in Atlas, you no longer earn Glory for losing your troops, but you earn more Glory for destroying opposing troops and for picking a more even battle (with a player closer to your level). Also, please take note that not all the lost troops can be revived. That's intended, it was a recent change, you earn more glory but can revive fewer troops. Atlas is still in beta phase, therefore, changes may come and go as our Atlas team is continuously working on improving the game. It would be advisable to post comments and suggestions about it in the forums as our Atlas R&D team actively engage our player base there as well.

Hope this clarifies your concern.

If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to open a new ticket.

I think everything the CS rep wrote in bold is factually true or likely true.

After the most recent glory update (linked by FS):

  1. You don’t get glory from your own troop losses any more–true.
  2. You do earn more glory for destroying opposing troops–true.
  3. The reference for more glory earned for picking a more even battle is a point Dave has made many times–you’ll lose more of your own troops (all other variables equal) doing this than you will squashing a low level, and glory gained is capped at 1.5x your troop losses. So it should lead to more glory gained in general, but it’s not completely factual like the first 2.
  4. Not all lost troops can be revived–absolutely true, there is a cap on revives that scales up by level.

All in all, an impressively accurate response by CS imo.


Yes true and misleading (although unintentionally) :joy:

They should qualify the response by saying although glory is generated by the amount you kill, its tempered based on how many of your troops die while generating it.

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@EidolonRM 1 horn still give 4k hats (no change). There were no changes to GP yesterday or recently (just maximum hats changed yesterday).

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Thank you guys, this way i can use 800k gold at once, and need not to hope nobody will steal away :slight_smile:
And afterall its a hour less and i dont need to be oline every 3 hours in case , that helps us too :slight_smile:

Yes while I think other aspects were misleading too, this was my main confusion. Since troop loss is tied to primarch ratios and War flames as far as I know, it doesn’t matter if you 5 flame a level 1 or a 500 (all other things being equal), the results will be the same.

@PGDave have the rankings been reset due to the new hat increase? I was around 9k troops for the week earlier today and after making my first 800 batch, it reset:

Very weird! Definitely not related, but it definitely looks like something went wrong there.

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