Hats not going past 16,000/24,000 & revive rate Not increased

Hats not regenerating past 16,000


Was just coming to ask about that.
Also given the equation they gave my revive cap didn’t increase as much as it should have.

We’re looking into it!

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Just trained troops without realizing this was an issue, and it looks like hats arent generating at all?!

you got more hats… you just don’t get any more. ever. :smiling_imp:



Confirmed… it stopped again at 16000
So I bought the $5 Atlas pack restarted the game and Hat level started increasing past the 16,000 point

joy, that’s what I get for having bought the month long elite a few days ago…



The revive level stops at 8000 so that needs to be “fixed” too.

This should have been increased to match the Hats increase


It’s been mentioned other places too…

The Hat level being increased to 24,000 is nice.
But the regeneration rate needs to be increased too!

We should be able to build every 2 to 2 1/2 hours the whole 24000! Not have to wait 3-4hours.

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Mine is still stuck so everyone who has elite has to buy again?

i wish i had a downvote button for this, signing in every few hours for troops feels like a damn chore, i want less of it.


Same for me :sob:, Even after restart and reboot everything capped at 16k

Still stuck here as well.

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The regeneration rate should be decreased as well, so 24k took 2 and half hours not 4 hours!!
What’s the point in that if not??

Please forward this and tag pg to see guys…

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For folks who cant make it in game to actually use there elite that gives them more time there hats can build up

Il not buying another pack And losing 20+ days just to get it to work

@Arelyna you think we could get some insta troops as a gift :gift: for this lil mishap :eyes:

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just curious. no sarcasm. didn’t you expect any bugs right after the change?

Sure, you can also build 8k new troops at once, despite the fact that you can’t have 80.000 hats. The build queue size is not really linked to the max hats, even though the revive max happened to line up with the hat max.

So what will happen to those people who just bought a month’s worth of Atlas elite?

for starters u cant buy the 30 days if bought secondly there is a 7 day and guess what it adds up and would add to max 37 days lol so u arent losing nothing