Hau... not going so well


toss it like a frisbee into the nearest waste bin :+1:


Noooooo :scream: Then how would I do my art???


Almost broke no. 3. Forgot and tapped while in timeshift and went splat :coffin:


I threw my device. And I’m still paying for it, with tape over the screen :see_no_evil:

  1. repeat “Im a god!” while flying


I have about a 1% success rate with Hau and blinking :sob:. Keep trying to blame it on my phone, but I suspect the problem is closer to home…

Even though I can’t fly her properly I still love her :heart_eyes:


Me too, next breeding I’m getting Her Majesty. I’m bookmarking this post :call_me_hand:


I’ve almost made it to a 5% success rate :joy::point_up:t3:



I’ve pretty much decided that I’m not good enough to fly her :sob:


Y’all can feel free to use my base as practice :man_shrugging:t2:, got a blink on first. It’s set as a fun challenge for no hits with no ad-ons, but can get on and move it around if someone wants and I remember.


Sweet. Maybe I should pull hau out and practice more with her… Though that would nuke the everloving hell out of my heal pot supply…


Yolo. From what I’ve gleaned off forums just glancing through, not much else fun going on in that game lately anyway.


Only thing that blinked on your base was my health :joy::point_up:t3:


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