Hauheset Flying

I love Hauheset, but I struggle a lot with blinking short kill islands with back blue mages. Is it still possible to do so? I’ve heard from some sources that it’s not possible anymore, but someone from an opposing team was able to blink a short kill with a back blue.

I’d love some tips, videos or something because I want to master this dragon.

Island 3 or 6 ?

Primarily Island 3 at this point. .-.

Is this true? I also find hau blinking impossible! Would I get it if I try harder? I’m talking about the standard 200 short island.

It is still possible just practice the timing


Apparently. Someone during a war on the opposing team blinked a short kill with a back
Blue. I haven’t seen the video but lort if it’s still possible Imma try.

Whatchu mean?

Back blues are for sure possible to blink with hau.

On short kills islands?

On every island lol

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This video might help you !


I guess I’m just slow :sob:

I’m not sure why that works for u…it’s never worked for bc after the blue mage is locked down my cloak remains locked for abt 1.5 seconds which is more than enough time for me to die…

Like the tower becomes sanded but I don’t get to use my spell for another second and a half

Do you have a video ?

I have a video, but do you have line?

My line id is justin5293