Hauheset glitch on Andy base?

Only happens on island with seagazer perch!

Come up to the island before any towers fire, timeshift is activated then Crumble the island but every single time now after I use crumble on 2nd cast it takes me out of time and instantly kills me? Wth is going on?
Anyone else have this issue?

(I know in some cases in timeshift if fire turrets get the shot off before activated it will continue & hit you but this is not that! It’s acivated long before any shots get off!)

I can come to island with full health & it doesn’t matter, nothing hits me but I still instantly die and it’s not timeshift expiring either because I’ll cast it twice by time in middle of island or still towards beginning and kills me everytime now! It’s like the 2nd cast on that island is crumbling me too! :joy: ???

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Have you tried time shifting past the island to see if it still shoots you without using Crumble?

EDIT: I’m going to assume that since Crumble is doing damage, it’s like you are uncloaked to the perch for some reason.

Explanation: … it’s the fire flak death explosion getting you.

Yes it gets you while you’re in timeshift bc it’s an “explosion”.


Cast crumble, blink the flak shot by going into shift, then crumble again to kill it before you go into its death shot range.


There’s no blue on andy’s Shorts to unshift you even if crumble does damage.

Yep just tried it

Can timeshift past it no problem seems like something to do with timeshift & crumble on that island! Idk?!?

And it didn’t used to do this! Idk but think it just started within last several days, maybe week?


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Oh, yeah think your right :joy:

Wasn’t even thinking about the explosion from Fire Flak! But that’s kind of defeats the entire purpose of being invulnerable?

Invulnerable to damage! That should mean nothing at all can damage you! Kind of like being invincible!
So even though it’s the fire flak the explosion it’ shouldn’t be able to damage you!
Invulnerable to damage means impossible to damage lol obviously that’s not the case!

Will try what you said though :+1: thanks!

I seriously was thinking I was getting caught up in my own crumble :joy:

Either way it might not be a glitch but it’s definitely a flaw! If invulnerable to damage then even the explosion shouldn’t damage you!

I never paid attention to all fire Flaks explosion harm him in time shift?

Yes, same thing with cloak if you send a dg or something to kill the ff and then go into cloak right after shooting it, it will damage you while you’re in cloak.

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Being in shift or in time shift doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable.

That’s exactly what it says!
“Becomes invulnerable” @Lutrus

I hadn’t looked at the island to know specifically, but I wasn’t referring to a blue mage unshifting the dragon. I was wondering if Crumble was causing the perch to fire for some reason, since shift doesn’t block damage like a shield.


Go to the spell and click on it…The very first thing it says is becomes invulnerable @Lutrus

Right here.


It suffers the same fate as elemental mayhem when it comes to flaks? :rofl:

@pgpulse and @PGJared, can we take another look at ff interaction with timeshift?


PG’s QA team should be blamed, as the description means a lot for players :joy:

If Timeshift = Cloak + Rewind + Spell cast ability, then it should be Become Invisible instead of Invulnerable…

In any case, avoid killing the seagazer perch island as:

  1. You die unless you can avoid crumbling the fire flak
  2. You don’t have enough rage to do the home long.

Yeah you can crumble the home! @Grumpybigbird

Because of the Fire Flak and it being able to kill you I just started skipping that island!

In time shift just prep crumble while at seagazer perch, so your holding it and rage builds all the way up again!
Crumble the first of the home island and you still have 3 rage bars by time get to last towers you have the 4th to crumble the entire home island :+1:

Just crumble while still outside its range