Hauheset glitch on Andy base?


Yes I know - I was referring to, if you crumble seagazer, assuming you don’t die, you won’t have enough rage for home long. You can maybe get one set of crumble off with timeshift, but you’ll probably die after reversing. Try it.


Not doable on small isles I think? Or is it? :thinking:


It is


With reverse? How about on Andy as you need reverse for home long and temple isle?


No, not with reverse.




Ah ha ok. I was concerned re the death shot range. Timing must be a bitch - I’ll give it a try


If such solution is getting ignored often, perhaps using a video???


*rant about how society doesn’t read anymore and it’s video this video that*

It’s a forum, they can read xD


Have you started a Youtube channel yet bro?


IMO, a good video tutorial (or in this case, example) teaches much more than what a thousand pages can tell.
And this is the era of video guide.:grin:


It’s been explained :eyes: just mess with it.


It might be? I don’t know I haven’t tried yet but If it is you got to do it fast & have it prepped! Lol
Because Timeshift makes you faster and the spell does shoot the fastest so if your anywhere around that flak you die instantly lol


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