Hauheset or Apophet

anyone? :neutral_face:

Depends on what you are going for. If you need your sapphire breeding eggs early, Apophet all the way. Otherwise Hau is a wonderful dragon, albeit one that is difficult to master.

Edit: I can’t give any direct feedback on Apophet outside of the builders hut suggestion as I haven’t gotten him for myself yet. He is a backbreed byproduct of getting A&A for me and he hasn’t been completed yet.


Hauheset is the better dragon, but your breeding path should dictate which you get first


Maybe they are asking this question to narrow down what breeding path to pick?

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Honestly, unless you are a top 2% flyer in the game, go Apophet and get your hut eggs asap and save a few thousand tokens going down the icicle 4 path rather than the icicle 1. You will use you divine dragons going down the Apo route vs hau + divine for the hau route.


Apo first for breeding hut, better in terms of pure gameplay wise efficiency.

Hauheset first for more “ingame experience”, because I’ve noticed a lot of apo firsts never get to fly hau as much because they’re just trying to level him for breedable and move on to garnet. So you miss out on that extra gap of time that you would have spent farming the 200k needed for apophet, assuming that you would be using this time to practice hau too.

So basically hau first if you are willing to put the time and effort to learn a setup dragon, apo first for just pure efficiency

In terms of dragons hau is superior, setup ability is unparalleled. Apo does nothing but cheese a short kill island setup for a little while

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Hau is the superior dragon hands down, though he is also difficult to fly.

However, GET APO :wink:
Apophets path is cheaper, which is what really matters. Also, i really really liked Apophet when i got him. I think i was around level 130 and i could easily take most 200+ bases with Apo. I still fly him even though i’m almost into emerald. Really fun dragon :slight_smile:

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I find it a very tricky choice. I don’t care for Apo at all, while Hau to me looks like one of the most interesting dragons in the game. I also like the look of Frostbiter a lot more than Renard.

Then again it looks like Icicle 4 only delays Hau for 2 months for me, while it does save me 140k tokens in the long run.

I think I still want Hau more than anything else, and I’ll take the 140k loss, even if I’m not so sure I’m in the top 2% of flyers…

The advice I was given was to get apophet first purely for eggs. He’s honestly not a terrible dragon but hau in the right hands is a beast. I’ll get hau as a back breed once I get my 2nd garnet and I feel like at 154 I’ll still have plenty of time to use and get decent with Hau.

Get hau and have some fun :+1:.


After garzev and whale, I am already bored of the long neck wyvern look. Frost is worse than whale in colour combination.
And the most unique one is Renard… My fav


I got Apophet and later back bred Hau for something like 28k, why choose one :wink:

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Pretty sure he meant skill wise.

Frost is better than every other garnet dragon out there (arguable against AA, but still either top or second best in the entire tier).
Renard is one of the worst in the tier (well all are fairly useless to be honest but still) and the only good thing about him is umbral spike while having a bit of health to take out another tower that was missed.

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Mechengg got it right, I meant skill wise. I haven’t really seen what he looks like, but Whale is possibly the ugliest dragon in my roster. Certainly the ugliest that I’ve leveled that high. :joy:

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Get Hau and learn to fly… You’ll have plenty of time to learn how to fly it as it will be useful until obsidian. But you may need that long to learn lol


Honestly I’m still learning Hau but I have taken out a flurry of level 50 odd flaks with Apophet so he is handy at taking out a death isle for sure

Learning to use Hau will make u a better flyer…it’s almost like a prerequisite. He can hit way above his weight and u learn how to fly while avoiding damage at all costs…pretty good training ground imo

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Hauheset is the better dragon of course! He’s better all
The way around.

He’s imo the best finisher dragon in the game! But he also is a great lead dragon!
He’s the most fun dragon to fly!
He’s also a monster on Xp bases like the 505 base.

He will always be a favorite and a dragon you can keep in your lineup forever…His skill set makes it to where you’ll never outgrow him. He will always be one of the best dragons regardless of his tier.

With all of that said…Going out of your way for him and possibly screwing up breeding path could be bad news. Not sure which one you use.

I actually got him a little late I think toward the end of Garnet on a backbreed so I got Apophet first and because of the cheap price for Hau, almost 200k cheaper and Apophets Path giving all builder hut eggs I would do the same thing again and get Apophet first.

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Useful until Obsidian? Why do you say this?

Tower Level/Power is irrelevant with Hau. So the only reason he would be useful until Obsidian was if there was a better one to replace him and I haven’t seen a better finisher in Obsidian then Hau.

Because Noc beats him…

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