Hauheset, timeshift, and being an old man

So… my main finally got Hauheset and he’s loads of fun! Tricky to use, but really good.

Question to the community: Anyone else have a tough time seeing the time shift button? I feel like an old man who needs to squint to see when its about to run out before I shift back.

@pgJared Hope I’m tagging the right guy, I don’t know who has what role. Any chance we could get a cosmetic update to make it easier to see on the timeshift button?

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I have noticed it’s a little trickier seeing it in the winter back ground, but I have more trouble with distinguishing back blue and red mages apart. I will agree though that if we had a red, green or purple timer around timeshift it’d be way more distinguishable.

Pg roles:

Hauheset flying vids:


Thanks Lutrus!

Saw those Hauheset videos too. Timing to avoid mage shots are incredible! Haven’t been able to do it yet… but gonna keep trying

Dude. I’m 27, been flying Hau on one account or another for months, and this gold UI is nearly impossible to see. I’m with you.


Dayum. You old. :joy:

Can barely see it and quite often miss it as well because of it. Whish they would improve it.

Have u tried chamging visuals on your end?

Maybe its not meant to be so visible idk

Yes I have didn’t work sadly. Currently have them at their highest but almost not visible.

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It’s certainly meant to be visible…

Can only see it if I pay very close attention to it. At first I didn’t even realize it had timer till I saw a teammate in my run asking me why I don’t go back in time.

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“So visible”

I remeber seeing one of your older videos on how to fly Hauset on Youtube about a week ago. It was waaaay easier to see the count down when the inside of the time shift icon turned dark and did the pie-sweep count down. This narrow gold band around the outside is just too easy to miss :woman_facepalming:t2:

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I haven’t noticed any change with the timeshift icon on either of my devices which is odd because normally when there’s a change only some people seem to see one has an issue and the other doesn’t :thinking:

I never bother looking at the icon. I kinda feel how much time I have before I need to remind back

Yeah, it’s the winter backdrop. Transparent on white doesn’t mix well. Can still see it, or have a feel on timing to rewind back if you’re used to it. But, I’d imagine, for people that aren’t used to it, it’s as annoying as when you lag mid shift and the timer visually runs out so you then have to guesstimate when to rewind.

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I’m with you all.
Also barely can see when timeshift will ends
It’s more like my inner feeling helps me,because I’m flying him a lot,lol

Have you tried this setting perhaps? Blue light filter* Remember brighr screen in bright surroundings and dim light for dim settings on the brightness for screen…its important for your eyes that u dont make screen brighter when in the dark.

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Don’t have that setting sadly have played arround with the brightness but no difference in visibility.

What I don’t get is why some spells like mythic winds get the big pie sweep in the middle of the icon for this new user interface, but spells like Hau’s time shift, where knowing the count down is WAY more vital, don’t. That’s just all kinds of messed up.

Though maybe the device has something to do with it? I’m ages and ages away from getting Hau on my alt account so I can’t see if that might make a difference. But both accounts are on iOS… :woman_shrugging:t2:


The big pie sweep shows the spell cooldown, though I’d still like to see time shift use something similar - maybe as an overlay translucent white instead to distinguish it.