Hauheset v Martian

1st things first, I don’t mean this thread to be a personal attack, rather, how to defeat a certain kind of base using a certain dragon. If there are any concerns of this being a personal attack, please let me know and I will make it conform to the rules.

This was the first (and only) attempt at this base. Please observe that I didn’t use any reverses or add ons, and yes I even died at the end bc I was planning on crumbling a few towers vs sanding them, but at the end, the base could be cleaned with a purple ember (if flown seriously).


Unfortunately I can’t fly like you anymore :disappointed:

I wish I could fly like that… Awesome job!


Dude, that’s awesome. What a smackdown. I’d be honored to take my Ember and swipe that up to 100% :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:

Nice ballista dodge :clap:


Lmao i didnt even defend but i did catch where u failed

Dude…i didnt defend and u still lost, why did u post this? Lol

Really Marti, why are you trolling? Win or lose a good sport would post their vids.


You said, and I quote:

I showed hau make it through :man_shrugging:t3:

It’s pretty obvious any wing can clean up the trash.


Because this is rodiculous lol not only was it no where close to 5 flames but it wasnt even a victory

Not with me defending u didnt

Shall we stop using words and go back to game?

Just let me know if you wanna put on ur big boy underwear and face me legit

It’s generally considered common courtesy when demonstrating or practicing on another base to quit after neutering the base rather than use a second dragon or a backer. This avoids taking their resources and is more polite.

Would love to see the recording where you are defending. I don’t think it would matter he destroyed mages and shifted, nothing a defender can do to that. At best dropping some gunpowder would have caused him to bleed more HP and die a little sooner. But do recognize that was fairly sloppy flying from what I’ve seen Lutrus do before.


I know this is off-topic but your cooldown for time shift is way shorter than mine what gives

Why would this be considered hau-proof…? Even if it was full of 65s…:man_facepalming:t2:


This setup can be easily followed by enki. Your ballista is useless against hau :man_shrugging:.


Pretty sure that Ballista is gonna be useless against, like, any dragon.
Unless you can prove me wrong, @MartianExile. As I said in that other thread… show me the raw solo damage that Ballista does to a dragon around your level. Maybe we’ll take you more seriously then. :t_rex:


@MartianExile you do realize that you could have three defenders, and it would not matter of the pilots were skilled enough. The nature of sand and C2D make defense pretty much a non-factor.

I’ve seen three “crumblers” take a full 63 (these were the best at the time) base.

And with what was left, purple Ember could have cleared it and we all know it.

As much as I would love for the old towers to be relevant again, PG has no interest in that. It’s not going to happen.

But, it is a game, and as long as you’re having fun, do what you want. Just don’t tell others it’s a good idea unless it really is.


:clap::clap::clap: Preach. I admire experimentation but I don’t think any scientist would give a kid some dangerous elements and go “Hey! Giving kids some dangerous shit is definitely a good idea!”
Um, extreme example, but yeah. :t_rex: