Hauheset vs Noctua - Rage increase

Hello guys
I’m about to get Noctua (less than 3k egg tokens from the goal, tomorrow I’ll get Noc). I got also before Hauheset…
With the set of runes that I have (only 1 mythic rage for instance) + glyphs + Atlas rider middle line, I can get up to 42,7% rage increase for 1 of the two dragons

I haven’t flown Noctua yet, and only saw attacking my base once. Also I haven’t really put much effort to train my fingers with Hau. That being said, again, I can only put the rage in one of the two.

What do the experienced fliers suggest?
Also, not sure if 42,7% is good enough for any of the both? I mean, maybe not enough for Hau and then the answer is obvious

What would be the criteria to chose? fly both and see with which one I feel better?

Thank you!

What level are you by the way, to see how much you would need to step forward in tier.

Based on this - neither.

Don’t bother putting great runes on if you’re not going to learn to fly them.


Well said.

I never said that I wasn’t going to learn to fly them :thinking:

@EmrahT: Noc is my first Obsidian (base level 234 if that means something)

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Fly noc first before deciding to put runes on him (her?). Same goes for hau. Both hau and noc don’t need runes at all to do the techniques that are required of them; they only need the runes to be able to sequence the islands together. Aka, learning the 4 vine spots and learning how to blink flak shots don’t require rage runes at all, but 4 vining, blinking flak shots, cloaking, then consuming before using vines and cloaking in next island does require rage runes.

So my advice to you is the same as for pretty much any dragon rune advice: fly it without runes and see if you like it and what it needs.


Bottom line…

“If” your going to learn & constantly fly Noc or Hauh then yes I will say put a rage rune on 1 of the 2 that you “know” that you’ll fly the most.

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Both Hau and Noc are confirmed female (at least according to lore and spell descriptions) I think obsidian might have been the last tier where gender pronouns were used.

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Noc is amazing without quite as steep a learning curve to fly.

If you think you are top 1-5% of fliers, go with Hau, if you think you’re top 33% go with Noc - otherwise save for a less technically nuanced dragon.

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What happen to the other 62%?..

For the other 62% you have Surt :wink:

(I do have Surt by the way haha)


Surt is no fun to fly tbh, that’s why I went for UVS he’s fun to fly.

Back on topic…

Hauh can be a good clean up dragon if the blues mages are destroyed.

Noctua is a set up dragon that’s it.

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It wasn’t an equation :wink:

If OP (or anyone in this situation) objectively believes they are one of THE BEST fliers in the game: rune up Hau.

If OP (or anyone in this situation) is honest enough with themselves to realize that they are NOT one of THE BEST fliers in the game, but objectively believes they are within the top ~ third overall: rune up Noc.

If OP (or anyone in this situation) is honest enough with themselves to realize that they are a fairly average at best flier: save the runes for a less technical dragon.


hauheset really isnt as good as she was when she was hyped that much. at that time max lvl towers were lvl 35 (?) and no flaks existed. now flaks make it VERY hard to fly successfully hh. i wouldnt recommend hh anymore, but thats just my 2cents

The hype around that time was bc of its borrowed time (probably similar to how most people fly itz for its death knoll ability (so mad it has a reward for flying badly, but that’s a a separate issue)), so for those types of flyers, sure, hau is not going to do much for them.
If people are going to be willing to put in the time and 1000s of heal pots to learn the mechanics and interactions of hau’s kit and the base layout, then I’d highly recommend her.


no the hype was because you could sand an entire base with hauheset. yes i know you will tell me good flyers will still do that. let me tell you that blinking was a lot easier with towers that shot projectiles at you than with flaks. i was a good-ish hh flyer against maxed bases when she was new. recently my alt got hh too and i was highly disappointed how poorly she does against bases that have high lvl flaks for their respective base lvl. i suggest you take her out of the den and give her a spin against well built bases.


She’s never leaves my roster :wink:

whats your lvl? may i pick a base for you to run hh on?

Lutrus is an insane genius when it comes to flying dragons. He does things that seem beyond the reach of mere mortals :sweat_smile: