Hauheset vs Noctua - Rage increase

  1. Does Katutse or tetsu work?

I’m not the only hau flyer in this thread either. Reflast was one of the 2 people that got me very interested in hau. Did an awesome war run vid on the dragon flying contest a year ish ago.


any base lvl 300+ with a proper kill island and blues on every island


Oh my…


PM sent. You don’t see end gamers use hau bc why go through all the trouble of learning hau to hau when they have brokenly OP dragons like surt.


No offense, but with proper timing of sand and TS, the really good fliers can still sand a whole well built base with a proper kill island and plenty of blue mages. I am not among them either, btw - that’s why I love Noc :smile:


“This video is not available”


Most hau flyers are skittish :wink:


This is interesting :laughing:


definitely good hh flying skills! how do you perform against defended bases tho?


Same, technically, there’s often times no difference between defended and undefended runs (if the flak doesn’t hit you normally, the super shot isn’t going to either). However there is a psychological pressure that is there that isn’t there in the undefended runs, so I suppose that is the difference. And thanks :pray:t3:


Well the psychological pressure, and the graphics lag induced by people spamming buffs and hammers, and the network lag from people on a 2g connection on a bus in Peru…

Not doubting you can still clear bases defended at all, but I do think it’s significantly harder to perform the timing tricks with defenders.


I wish this was an exaggeration :sweat_smile:


Just get Surt. Kneels at the altar of the Sorc King


Actually after the 2nd nerf he got, he dies fairly quickly.

So… it’s really him kneeling before you :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Never. His glory lives on.


Haushet ofc


That’s generally easy :joy:


Exactly Hauh.


With Surt, yes. Rewards are plenty with the faithful :pray:.


:joy: all hail Lord Surt