Hauheset vs Noctua - Rage increase


It’s worth noting that Hau can still be used to great effect as cleanup even if you aren’t a super skilled flier. If you have another dragon you can use as a lead to kill/disable blues on small islands and the front of longs then you can pretty much use Hau as a follower with impunity. Just watch the fire flaks. I don’t have the time to maintain my flying skills as much anymore so this is how I use Hau now

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Since you haven’t piled up more generally preferred runes or glyphs -or at least I think you haven’t-, dont rune/glyph your lineage dragons just yet.

…Says the guy who has 5 rage runes on both hauheset and noctua on 3 accounts.


:rofl: @DreadedSloth has no idea…

this is gonna be good…:eyes:


Dont knock surt… he’s my lazy go-to


Depends on the situation, learning Hau may cost between 100 heal pots (genius case) and several brand new phones.


I literally used over 1k healing pots flying hauset. I found that I suck. :grin::joy:.
I seen that as long as there wasnt a fire flak up front I could survive but even with blinking the fire flak would still hit you… I sent a ticket but it was told that it was a known cloak bug issue…

Therefore I retired hauset… good day sir. :face_with_monocle:


EXACTLY :rofl:


Hau 100% :slightly_smiling_face:


Will you teach me? :wink:
Maybe I can be your wing in some runs


No you can get around Fire flaks. If you just crumble and stay in cloak then it’s going to kill you everytime.

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Ofcourse haha.

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Has Lutrus shown you the light?


dont know why you* all feel like making those condescending comments towards my statement.

  1. i did my fair share of good hh setups
  2. yes lutrus knows how to fly hh, dont brag with his skill tho, its not yours.
  3. its totally irrelevant to the OPs question. he asks whether noc or hh, with the very hard learning curve and increased difficulty to do so with flaks i just dont recommend it. noc is a lot easier to fly and yields very good versatility.

but oh wellz what do i care.

this is not directed at just you*


I apologize was just messin around… Lutrus has taught me a thing or two as well so didnt mean any harm.

I didnt realize thats what i was doing but Id be happy to show you mine sometime if you like…

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