Hauhezen 2.0: Changes and Release Date

Dragon Loooordddssss assemble!

Hauhezen’s been spending a littttle time at the gym. We listened to your feedback and worked with the GPF to make a more interesting Hauhezen. We’ve been testing the new buffs for a couple of weeks now and we think we’ve got 'em where we want 'em.

Hauhezen’s new stat set will be included in the Wave 3 update along with Zi… OHHHH I almost said the Festive Dragon’s naaaame! You won’t get me that easy, you hooligans!

Adrift in Time

  • Bonus breath damage effect increased to 100% (up from 75%).


  • Bonus ammo regeneration during Chronoshift increased to 150% (up from 100%).

Note from Designer: While Hauhezen’s defensive mechanics were living up to our expectations, the dragon was struggling to destroy multiple towers during Chronoshift’s window of increased ammo generation. By giving Hauhezen more ammo during Chronoshift, the dragon should feel more powerful during this special period. However, we don’t feel that all of Hauhezen’s power should be stuffed into Chronoshift, and increasing the dragon’s bonus breath damage allows it to more effectively destroy towers when Chronoshift is on cooldown. - @PGLawson

What do you think about Newhezen?

  • Hauhezen 2.0 and I are engaged to be married! (positive)
  • Hauhezen 2.0 and I take the same bus to work, but we don’t actually speak. (neutral)
  • Hauhezen 2.0 and I are bitter enemies and this changes nothing! (negative)

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:thinking: might not be bad. Moderate increase in both. Not sure I like both being upgraded but we’ll see how it plays out. Damage could of been enough possibly

Hau2 is definitively the better mythic now tho.


Really love the changes :heart_eyes: Was hoping for a hauhezen buff since off of flying him he didn’t seem to be as amazing and all powerful as his counterpart (Wife?) Hauheset, I’m now hoping that these changes make him seem more worthy of his hau title :grin:


This should do the trick , not too much and not too little
Ops didn’t read everything throughout lol


Wave 3 when festive is released

Hauhezen in the hands of skilled fliers was already unstoppable and clearly the superior of the two mythics. Wouldve been expecting lj buffs tbh.


Very happy with this change!


@PGGalileo Awesome changes, thank you for listening to us! What about the spell contrast tho? Minor detail goes a long way!

2 options:

Either make the line around the spell black or
Make the spell color black so we can see the white line. I prefer the latter…thanks!


Would probably require more extensive changes than you would think, as all timed spells have that timing ring

its just color. One hex value if I’m not wrong

Yeah increase the spell contrast will be nice for people with awful sight like me, I’m practically cant see anything without glasses


Nah, we need all the help we can get with your flying :eyes::rofl:

Setting aside whether Hau2.0 needed a buff or not. (There’s a strong argument that he didn’t need one but whatevs)

Can we PLEASE get to a point where we don’t have to wait the entire damn season to know which dragon to pick because maybe they’ll be changed and maybe they won’t?

This is the kind of stuff that needs to be tested BEFORE they are released.

It’s so frustrating that every damn season we work hard and pick a mythic and then PG goes “oh guess we better change the stats,” and all of a sudden the other one is a better option.

So what is PG doing for all those people who picked LJ because Hau2.0 wasn’t the better option? They get screwed because they didn’t get to choose with all I formation readily available.

And yea, those players could have waited, blah blah blah. But my point is: they shouldn’t have to. Dragons and towers should be carefully thought, planned created, and executed.

Genuinely not trying to be negative and/or toxic about this. But seriously this is what so many of us have been ragging about for ages.



Hauz will still be too slow for atlas. So LJ is still the better option for that regardless of the not needed buffs.


Huh. Wasn’t expecting a buff since it’s already a solid dragon. If anything I thought LJ would get a buff so it could compete with Hauh.



I have not seen enough of LJ to know what he needs or doesn’t need, but I saw enough of Hau to know he is the better dragon overall, aside from hammer spam defenders are mostly powerless. Unless ya get a good hit with an ice flak, he’s basically gonna survive the whole match. Now he will be that much more effective.

Anyhow, enough repeating myself. LJ will still be the faster dragon just not the better one, he never really was. Just another proof the hunter cult is still strong.


Depends on what you need out of a mythic. Warriors are still relevant to perches etc.

Irregardless, my point is that these types of changes shouldn’t be needed, and they damn sure shouldn’t be occurring half way through the season when a significant number of players have already chosen their mythic.


This is absolutely ridiculous. Changing a dragon after people have chosen based on its skills to date is almost as unprofessional as knobbling defence in Atlas.


I have neither so more than happy to hear opinions of those who own either …

Any intelligent player would expect these changes. This has been done way too many times in the previous seasons. Pg can only get feedback after a dragon is released. And depending on feedback, there might be changes. This dosent mean its a good thing. They should have tested with gpf and creators faction and hear what they have to say…they might* have brought issues to light.

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