Hauhezen glitches

Hello ppl, Are u guys having trouble with hauhezen glitching? Because I am. My hauhezen has a couple of glitches. Those include a glitch where he chronoshifts and the ammo hitting the tower delays so u can’t kill a tower even though u have enough ammo, and one where he stasised a tower and it doesn’t lock. The tower was a blue mage. The glitches I posted above happen rarely, but still happen, and they can cost you his life when attacking. So I would like to know if any of you guys were having any glitches with hauhezen. If so, list them here. Here is the worst glitch I experience. I hit temporal normalcy to return to my waypoint and it doesn’t work. Same thing happens sometimes when I press chronoshift, it won’t work and I die. These glitches need to be fixed ASAP


The ammo one happens when you either hit slightly outside the hit box (which I doubt), or because of lag. The one where the blue mage isn’t stasised properly happens on other dragons as well, and it sucks. Normally this means you fired it too early so it wasn’t in range, you hit the edge of it and it didn’t register, or it just didn’t register at all. I have seen towers take damage, but not get disabled.


Trust me I hit the blue mage square in the center

Was it on the front 5 towers of a long or short kill? Or was it on the back? Odds are you shot on the turn a little bit too much.

Front 3 on the Long Island right before the castle isle. Blue mage was in the middle

Did you sand too early on the turn?
Do you have a vid?

Unfortunately I forgot to turn on the settings to record

And it showed that the blue mage was sanded I think

What you see might not be true I certainly experience this when i first start fly hauheset


I dunno

Couple of things happened with me during last week.

  1. My hau2 sometimes become invisible. Only I cant see him. But the towers and the defenders can.
  2. Something wrong with stasis. May be, May be not. I can remember an attack where I sanded a blue mate of a mage drain island and I was relaxed that I wont get any hit. Suddenly after 2sec of applying stasis, the mage tower did a super shot and I was not prepared for anamoly.
    This is something that I experienced while practicing with him. Otherwise, no objection at all🤷🏻‍♂️
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Oof, sorry about that

This is also happening with Noctua. Towers take damage from Noxious Vines but not get vined. Most common in island 6.

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It does so … Hau becomes invisible and the temporal looks like reverse when it hasn’t been cast yet

I have similar glitches… Hau2 turning invisible and 1 or 2 times the stasis didn’t stick to blue magues… Another run (none of them recorded) I was hitted by blue mage SS after it has been stasised for a while…
After now on I’ve started to record Hau2 runs :sweat_smile:

I think this one is intentional :sweat_smile:


Edited: needed to upload a better resolution video :sweat_smile:


The worst glitches that need to be fixed for hau2 is the fact that sometimes when I activate both chronoshift and temporal anomaly they don’t work and I die instantly

So, take this from someone who has practiced hauheset for at least 2k heal potions: there are many similarities between the spell set of hauheset and that of hauhezen.

To answer your findings more specifically,

This happens when you cast temporal anomaly to reverse back to the waypoint, but the towers (mostly projectile towers like flaks since their shots take quite some time to reach the dragon) have already fired their shots. So you’ll get hit while reversing, and if the shot deals enough damage to take out hauhezen his HP bar will be depleted. And you can actually hear hauhezen making the screeching sound like you hear from dragons dying. BUT because you heal every time you cast temporal anomaly, instead of getting shot down you’ll now become invisible and heal from 0 HP.

This happens because of two factors :
1.Hauhezen’s temporal anomaly is a rework of hauheset’s timeshift, and with hauheset, if you reverse while uncloaked (cloak getting canceled by a blue mage) the towers will recognise you at the moment your cloak is canceled by the blue mage and fire their shots, and, depending on the distance your timeshift/waypoint is from where you start reversing, you can get hit and die either during the reverse or frames after. Now all this applies to hauhezen’s temporal anomaly.
2.The healing of hauhezen’s temporal anomaly is applied AFTER the spell animation is finished rather than upon cast. And in the case of a reverse, it’ll only be applied after you’ve completed the entire reverse.

If you’ve practiced the timing of desiccating sand or noxious vine, you’ll notice that you CAN sand too early for their functions to work. In the sense that your spell, in your case stasis would do the right amount of damage to the tower you fire it at, but it will not disable the tower. So if this happens, it indicates that you’ve fired your stasis too early. Which can happen more easily on the rage drain island of island 6 because the turn is shortest, or when trying to stasis back row towers during the turn into island 5 due to range.
Now when I was learning how to hau, I watched one of red’s videos in which she sanded a blue mage but it kept working as a blue mage (firing super shot and blocking blue spells), so maybe you encountered one of these. But I have not experienced this yet.

I don’t quite get what you mean by not working so I’m just guessing here.
——If you meant to say you tried to activate chronoshift but failed, I assume it’s a scenario where you’d already sanded the blue mage, and tried to go into chronoshift after. I did experience this a few times where I tapped chronoshift, heard the sound of a spell being used, and yet didn’t activate chronoshift so maybe that’s also what you came across. But I think most likely that’s just going for it too early, and the blue mage not sanded fully on that frame of which chronoshift was used. What could help is try to focus on the stasis animation, there are a few great methods out there, but the essence is that if you watch stasis build up closely, almost as if in slow-mo, you’d start sensing the completion moment of stasis a lot more accurately and in turn getting better with the timing of chronoshift.
——If what you’re trying to express was the fact that after you used temporal anomaly, be it first cast or second cast trying to reverse, you cannot use chronoshift in time to avoid getting hit by the towers, it has something to do with the noticeable animation delay of temporal anomaly. Now for the skills that have such delays, there will be a period of time after it ends when your dragon “freezes” in the air and cannot do anything, enough to let the towers recognise you and, depending on their distance to you, hit you with their shots. The only way to avoid getting hit in this case is to either keep yourself distant from the non sanded or destroyed towers (any tower at the back while you’re at the front of the island with the exception of ice and fire turret, lightning tower and drakul pylon if they fire supershots.), or use chronoshift FIRST and then temporal anomaly, a method that works even if you reverse into unsand towers because you’ll be in chronoshift by the time you get back to your waypoint.

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TLDR; think of the invisibility glitch as a form that hauhezen transfers into after revived by temporal anomaly. Stasis not working as once in a blue moon which happens in this game apparently. And chronoshift not working as maybe less ideal spell rotation.

Sorry about the long reply, and I might not be correct about some points. but I feel like it’s worth sharing my tc on these because as much as we appreciate the tolerance of flying hauhezen comparing to hauheset, their internal mechanisms are linked and equally complicated. And they need to be understood so that you really get to know what exactly is going on.

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This is what I mean BUT I used temporal anomaly in between sanding the mage and activating chronoshift. But I had another glitch where I couldn’t activate temporal anomaly

I’ve never met an occasion that I couldn’t use temporal anomaly. Could it be that it’s cancelled and disabled by ice flak super shot?