Hauhezen's Stasis Sweetspots - A Photo Compilation

I’m putting together an accessible photo guide of where all the sweet spots for Stasis are. I don’t have them all yet but I’ve been trying to collect screenshots from various videos.

If you have more photos of triple tower sweet spots for Hauhezen, post them in the thread and I’ll update the main post. If you pull them from a video, please include the player’s name and/or a link to their channel - let’s give credit where credit is due.

Here are the ones I have so far:
I added red circles to hopefully, make the target spots more visible.

Island 2

Shared by MissDreamFyre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAULScVltsU&feature=emb_logo

Island 3

Taco’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A227ML7DGQk&feature=emb_rel_end

Shivenzo’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k41MhvEsAN0&feature=youtu.be

Island 4

Island 5

Pick has a separate thread here: Hauhezen Triple Stasis On Island #5
This is where I originally got the idea

Island 7

It was really hard for me to pause the video at the right moment for this one.
Thanks to Rengo for sharing their flight on Yukon’s Hunter’s Chat


Island 3

From a video by Harvey. (Available in Yukon’s Hunter Chat on LINE)

Island 5

From a video by Harvey. (Available in Yukon’s Hunter Chat on LINE)

Island 6

By tacosghost(HC11)* (Available in Yukon’s Hunter Chat on LINE)

Of course you could watch all the Hauhezen videos and master the sweet spots yourself but I thought it would be nice to be able to pull up a reference where they all are in case you forget.

A big, big thank you to our community’s Youtubers for creating the content featured here as well as to the players on Yukon’s LINE chat who have shared their flight vides.


A good idea. Just remember for a lot of shots it’ll depend on what towers are there. Different towers have different hitboxes

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Good point about the hitboxes - I didn’t consider those. Hopefully, this thread will get more photos to be able to compare

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isn’t there a sweet spot on island 4

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Yeah, the front 3 towers of island 4

Yep, and it’s the easiest to hit - give me a moment to find a base and get a screenshot :joy:


Great job :blush: me like it

This guidance make hau2 op, great post

This spots are not work for IPaD users , just saying :roll_eyes:

Edit ; sorry let me fix , some of them are not …

I’m an iPad user and I can do all spots that have been posted keep practicing


Sorry then i am ultra fail flier :heart:

I’m an iphone user, pretty difficult cause the screen is small

This one one covers 3 towers at front :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wow there’s a triple spot there…was not aware

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Is the stasis spell AOE the same as ozydias’s corrode spell?

It’s has that red circle you see in the pictures indicating it’s AOE range

it is a derivative of dessicating sand and a slightly smaller range. Easier to treat it like sand and use those double/triple hit spots to get more than one tower.

Edit: Didn’t take into account projectile splash damage vs spell. My point of treating it like sand still can apply though.

I’m pretty sure hauhezen stasis is 5 and corrode on ozydias is 6

Update: Got some photos from atlas battles
shoutout to @YukonDragonfly for hosting the LINE chat that had the videos where I got the photos from and to @OrcaFrost for pointing me her way.