Have a problem with Update Issue

can someone advice to me.
what am i support to do,
app keep asking for update. but google play store doesn’t show update option.

If you have a pocket ID you can try uninstalling and re-installing

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i try many time but still same.

If you are android, try clearing the app data and cache PRIOR to uninstalling.

I assume you entered a support ticket? You can do that from the web if you can’t get the app to start.


thank you.

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Me too. I can not open event. I log out cancel app and download new app. I log in but the same. I try iPad another but the same. It is not working full event. No see point and box …

I can’t play last night because of that issue.
i think, have to wait until next new version.

Only happened to me there were version mismatch between the two OS’s, iOS and androids… as I log into my accounts on multiple devices.

how you are fix the issue?

I doubt you can as there is NO version mismatch at the moment.

The game version on both app markets (apple app store & google play store) shows 4.97.

You have sent the ticket using the link above?

Wait for their response and give them your device info.

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Okay, thank for information.

I am gonna cry :cry:! At first I kept getting kicked out of Atlas now I can’t open my treasure’s or see the dragon’s.!Please Help

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